“The Voice of the Colonels”: Greg Stotelmyer

Greg Stotelmyer, radio play-by-play commentator for EKU volleyball, football and men’s and women’s basketball, watches on as he calls the Colonels’ volleyball game against Tennessee State on Sept. 27 at Alumni Coliseum.

When it comes to well-known, accomplished broadcasters in recent history, sports fans often think of icons like Jim Nantz, Dick Vitale and Mike Breen.

One man who doesn’t come to the average person’s mind, however, is Greg Stotelmyer, radio sportscaster for Eastern Kentucky University football, men’s
and women’s basketball and volleyball. Stotelmyer has held his title as “The Voice of the Colonels” since 1979, when he received the position fresh out of college at just 22 years old.

Since that year, he has delivered play- by-play commentary for EKU and has even witnessed the Colonels’ football team win the Football Championship Subdivision, FCS, National Championship twice, first in 1979 and again in 1982.

As Stotelmyer heads into his 40th season as play-by-play commentator, there is a plethora of moments throughout his career that we as Colonel fans can remember. From recent memories, such as the men’s basketball team qualifying for the NCAA tournament in 2014, all the way back to when the football team competed for four straight FCS National Championships from ‘79 to ‘82, Stotelmyer has seen it all.

Stotelmyer grew up in Connersville, Indiana and went to Connersville High School, where he graduated in 1974. During his freshman year, he immediately made himself acclimated with broadcast technology, and joined the school’s first student television newscast team.

Throughout his four years at Connersville, he worked thoroughly and diligently while propelling its television newscast to prominence. His tireless work and technological prowess has since landed him in the Connersville High School Hall of Fame. His success with broadcasting in high school led him to obtain a passion for mass media and communications, which he would later use to his advantage in selecting his career field in college.

After graduating from high school with a broadcasting resume, Stotelmyer chose to pursue his undergraduate degree at Western Kentucky University, where he majored in speech and mass communications. In his sophomore year at WKU, he got involved in radio broadcasting. This was his first official step into the real broadcasting field.

Because of his extensive involvement with radio at WKU, he was career-ready coming out of college. His experience gained, along with his play-by-play commentary, allowed him to land a major radio broadcasting job shortly after graduation at Eastern Kentucky University.

At 22-years-old, Stotelmyer signed on to become the “Voice of the Colonels” starting in the 1979-80 sports season. In his inaugural season, he witnessed the Colonel football team go 11-2 and make it all the way to the FCS National Championship, where they defeated Lehigh University 30–7 for their first title in program history.

Throughout the game, and throughout the entire season, Stotelmyer delivered superb play-by-play commentary which would continue for decades to come, as he signed a long-term contract shortly after the 1980 athletics season concluded.

This diligent work led him to be sought out by other multimedia companies, specifically local news stations. One of these stations, WTVQ in Lexington, offered him a job in 1987 as a reporter, which he accepted.

While maintaining his position as the “Voice of the Colonels,” Stotelmyer worked this new job as tirelessly as he did doing play-by- play. During his 25-year tenure at WTVQ, he reported over politics, agriculture and a plethora of other regional news.

His hard work eventually led to him winning several prestigious awards, including the Edward R. Murrow Award in 1999 and the Kentucky Farm Bureau Communications Award in both 1993 and 2005.

Mike Wilhite, former News Producer at WTVQ, had much to say about Stotelmyer and his accomplished work with the company.

“Greg has proven to be a talented, professional and conscientious journalist,” Wilhite said. “He quickly became a leading news reporter who knew his subject matter and could tell stories with knowledge and compassion.”

Throughout the 25 years Stotelmyer was at WTVQ, he still held true to his original position as “The Voice of the Colonels,” and continually delivered commentary over the years. During this time, he also picked up an adjunct instructor position at EKU in 2000, teaching Sports Writing and Reporting, a position he maintains to this day.

In 2012, he left WTVQ and became a producer at Kentucky News Connection, another local public news service. He kept this position for only five years and in 2017, he left to focus on continuing his first passion as the “Voice of the Colonels” as well as his teaching position.

John Taylor, professor of Communications at EKU and former colleague of Stotelmyer, had much praise for him and his overall skills as a broadcaster.

“He’s got a large breadth of things he can do,” Taylor said. “He does football, basketball, volleyball; not many people can jump that many sports and handle them as well as Greg can. Greg’s strongest feature... is his ability to go in the field and do live reports... He goes in, he finds out what’s going on, he assesses the situation, and you can turn the camera on and do a live feed of whatever the incident may be.”

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