Golf profile: Edvin Lindgren

Senior Edvin Lindgren tees off during a meet. 

Senior golfer Edvin Lindgren is just like any other student athlete, but where he’s from makes him stand out.

Lindgren comes from a golf background in Sweden. Lindgren previously attended a semi-competitive golf-focused high school in Sweden before moving to the United States and says the biggest difference between his experiences was the level of competition.

“Here, you are pretty much just playing for the school. Back home we just had one big tournament a year where all the big golf high schools met together and played. It's more individually than compared to here,” Lindgren said.

Before coming to a Division l golf program at EKU, Lindgren previously played golf at Warner University in Florida. “It’s fun. It’s pretty different. I went from NEAA to here and the level of competition is a lot higher. You can especially see it in practice and the guys I practice with every day. The overall quality is a lot better for me,” Lindgren said.

He said that his biggest adjustment coming from Sweden to Florida was getting used to the warm weather. “Florida weather coming from a cold country was a bigger transition. Here (EKU) is more like home, I would say.”

The men’s golf team have both a spring and fall season, but the team mainly focuses on practices for the NCAA tournament is in the late spring.

Compared to other EKU sports, the golf team has a different approach to practices. “In season we usually had practice in the morning, then after that school and after school we usually had time for our own. We can go out there and have some alone time with coach or go to the gym and work on pretty much whatever we want, so we just have something organized in the morning and in the afternoon, we can do pretty much whatever we want,” said Lindgren.

Lindgren is not the only golf player from Sweden. His high school friend and now collegiate teammate, senior Erik Lindwall also plays golf and according to Lindgren, has helped him in his transition to EKU.

“We’ve known each other since high school because that’s where we met. We played on the same team there. He was one of the reasons I even looked at this school. He got me in contact with the coach and everything kind of worked out from there,” Lindgren said.

Lindwall agrees, “Yeah, I think it helps. It helps in golf in some ways, but I think it helps more outside of school and outside of golf. Just to hang out with someone who comes from the same culture, speaking the same language. Outside of school and golf, it’s really beneficial.”

He says that though Lindgren has done pretty well this season, there is some more work to be done. “I think he did fairly well, I know he could do better, but in one tournament especially he did really good. University of West Virginia … he played really well there,” Lindwall said.

He said that while Lindgren might need to work on improving his putting skills, he has seen a great deal of improvement in his teammate this past fall season. “He’s hitting the ball farther than he has before. That’s obviously an advantage in golf. And, I’d say his overall stability,” Lindwall said.

When asked if he thinks Lindgren will better his game in the spring, Lindwall said, “That’s a tough question. Coming off a winter season when you can’t really play that much, it’s typically a little harder to start off … In the fall season, you have the entire summer of practice, but you don’t have as much coming from the winter, so I think he will do well but it’s all about how he practices in the winter.”

Lindwall also expressed how, though Lindgren gets along well with his teammates, golf as a sport is much more focused on the individual players. “In our tournaments, we only play our own ball, we’re not interacting with our teammates. We have team bonding and stuff outside of competition, but once we’re in the competition, we can’t really affect each other so I’d say it’s very individual.”

Overall, the players had a positive outlook for this coming season, and though Lindgren stresses the need for structure and organization in his sport, he says the thing he’s looking forward to most is spending time with his team.

“There’s a lot of team bonding … traveling around with the team, seeing awesome courses and playing against good players,” Lindgren said. 

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