Senior forward Lachlan Anderson had dreams as a kid to play college basketball and with the help of AUSA Hoops, his dream came true.

AUSA Hoops is an organization in Australia that helps young high school players make their dreams come true of continuing their basketball career in college.

Anderson, who is from Sydney, Australia, found his home away from home in Richmond, Kentucky.

“The first time I came here, I knew this is where I wanted to be,” Anderson said.

Anderson travelled to the United States with AUSA, and after getting calls from coaches, he began his career at Eastern Kentucky University.

As a junior, he appeared in all but one game, earned six starts and averaged 5.6 points-per-game. Last season, he finished third on the team at 4.1 rebounds-per-game, poured in a career high 22 points and grabbed a career high 14 rebounds in a win over Midway on Nov. 13.

In his senior season, Anderson has continued to make an impact coming off the bench for the Colonels. In seven games, he has posted 52 points and averaged 7.4 points a game. He has also logged 134 minutes for EKU in those seven games.

Against Alice Llyod College on Nov. 19, the Australian scored a season-high 16 points off the bench and a season-high four assists. 

“Lachlan always has a great impact,” head coach A.W. Hamilton said. “He has so much energy, and he’s so positive.” 

Hamilton emphasized the leadership Anderson brings to this year's team and how in ways he is a crowd favorite.  

“He’s a great leader for our program, he’s a great ambassador for our program and for the university. He’s a special kid and everybody loves Lach,” Hamilton said.

Anderson said the bond between his teammates is the best even off the court, they are either playing video games together, bowling or going to parties.

“We have a really good bond and when you are trying to develop as a team that’s a huge thing,” Anderson said.

“All his teammates love him,” Hamilton said. 

Anderson explained it was like being from a different world when he came to Kentucky.

“Freshman year was difficult for me because I was so far away from home,” Anderson said.

“Coming from Sydney to Richmond was a major culture shock, but it has brought me so many opportunities,” Anderson said.

Anderson has faced many obstacles outside of basketball since moving to the U.S. 

Anderson had to learn to drive on the right side of the road because in Australia, you have to drive on the left side.

“It was a little weird because you’re on the other side of the road and so is the wheel,” Anderson said.

Christmas is different in Australia because the season is summer in December. Anderson likes the snow here but likes being able to sit outside and play cricket with his friends and family.

“The cold weather is pretty harsh, so I definitely like the warm Christmas better,” Anderson said.

Anderson has slowly picked up on some Kentucky slangs and has to speak slower so that people can understand him better, especially when he goes to a coffee shop.

“I have toned down my Australian accent a lot since being here,” Anderson said.

He says when he goes to Starbucks, sometimes the employees tend to not understand when he says his name. Therefore, when he goes to get coffee, they know him as ‘Steve’ instead of Lachlan.  

“When I order a coffee and they ask for my name, I tell them ‘Steve’,” Anderson said.

Anderson’s goal is to play professional basketball after he graduates from EKU but he also wants to build businesses and said he has a clothing brand started with graduate Nick Mayo called ‘Deadline’. 

“I want to be in the states for now, I haven’t made any set plans,” Anderson said.

From getting more playing time on the court to taking business classes, Anderson has been able to do things he enjoys most.

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