EKU basketball court

The Eastern Kentucky University intramural basketball games will be held at the new Campus Recreation center.

Eastern Kentucky University spring intramural sports are back after a successful fall season.

EKU was the only major division one school in the state to offer intramural sports and complete their seasons last fall. Kyle Reece, EKU Campus Recreation coordinator of competitive sports, thinks there is a high percentage of the same result for this semester.

“Luckily for us, we were able to do [intramural sports] safely. My staff deserves an immense amount of credit,” Reece said.

That doesn’t mean that those sports being played in the coming months have not been altered to protect against COVID-19.

Five-on-five full court basketball has now been turned into two-on-two half court, and dodgeball has been cut down to four-on-four. The student support behind the changes has not been altered too much, with more dodgeball teams signing up and just a slight decrease in sign ups for basketball. Similar alterations were made in the fall, specifically in the case of ten-on-ten softball.

“The amount of cleaning supplies we used for softball alone astounds me,” Reece said.

Every live ball in a softball game would be rolled back to be properly cleaned before being able to be used again.

Basketball and dodgeball are just starting their seasons with sign ups, which are officially over. Those are not the only sports being offered in the spring though. Along with several different tournaments in the coming months, expect other sports like seven-on-seven soccer, four-on-four beach volleyball and four-on-four flag football.

Reece also stated that there are multiple plans in place in the case of games having to be canceled because of COVID-19. If a player is feeling sick, they need to stay at home. That is a protocol that made the fall season run smoothly. The recreation office is also willing to reschedule games when need be to accommodate teams who cannot play.

All in all, Reece and EKU are looking to continue the momentum from last fall into the spring for intramural sports. Sign ups for beach volleyball, outdoor soccer and flag football end on March 18.

To learn about upcoming events by Campus Recreation, visit www.my campus rec.eku.edu.

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