EKU football travels to The Citadel

Eastern Kentucky University quarterback Parker McKinney throws the ball against West Virginia on Sept. 12.

The Eastern Kentucky University football team will be traveling to Charleston, S.C. to take on The Citadel in game three of the season.

This will be the first time the two teams have played one another.

Eastern Kentucky fell to West Virginia, 56-10, on Sept. 12.

“We’re waiting to see how our guys come out and react against their triple option offense,” head coach Walt Wells said.

Wells said that Citadel mainly plays from a triple option offense, which can make it more difficult for the defense to stop plays.

“We’ve had a whole week to watch it and see their mistakes… some are young [players] and have never played against this offense,” Wells said.

After a bye week, the Colonels have been able to focus on practices in order to prepare for this upcoming game and what to expect against the Bulldogs.

“You have to be mentally prepared for them to make some runs and get your opportunities to steal possessions,” Wells said.

Wells said he has not only focused on practicing plays and helping better the team’s defense but also preparing them for the mental aspect of the game.

“You are trying to make sure you value every possession you can get,” Wells said.

One of the focuses for the team has also been the offense and how they can improve. Wells said they would like the team to be a multiple offense team.

“What you will see this week and weeks coming is who we are meant to be,” Wells said.

The Citadel is coming off of a loss to No. 1 Clemson on Saturday, 49-0. The Bulldogs opened the 2020 season with a 27-6 loss at South Florida on Sept. 12.

The Colonels will travel to Charleston, S.C. to take on The Citadel, this Saturday, Sept. 26. The game will air on ESPN3 at 1 p.m.

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