Keyion Dixon

Eastern Kentucky University wide receiver Keyion Dixon rushes the ball down the field on Saturday against Marshall.

The Eastern Kentucky University football team fell 59-0 on Saturday at Marshall University.

The Herd scored the first touchdown within the first few minutes to get the game started. Marshall’s redshirt freshman quarterback Grant Wells led the team to two more touchdown passes to put the team up 21-0 in the first quarter.

The Colonels ended the first quarter with only two first downs. Alonzo Booth rushed an average of 1.2 yards. Keyion Dixon rushed for an average of 1.0 yard in the first half and caught three passes for 34 yards in the game. 

Wells finished the game 16-of-23 for 307 yards and Parker McKinney, who started as quarterback for EKU, finished 7-of-10 for 71 yards.

EKU came out with several tackles, Matthew Jackson had a game-best 12 tackles and Eli Hairston finished with 10.

When the Colonels arrived at Joan C. Edwards Stadium, coaches and players were wearing shirts with “say their names” on the front and “enough is enough” on the back.

The EKU football team released a statement on social injustice on Twitter Saturday morning. 

“We are student-athletes who represent our beloved school, your alma mater, home university and favorite team. We are proud of EKU. We want EKU to be proud of us,” the statement said. “There are those among us who can’t escape hate, racism, systematic oppression or violence just because we play college football. For many of us, we live with the same fear and pain as other African American men and women worried about their safety and security, considering the recent events across the nation. These names and the lives they represent are important.”

Several athletic teams and programs have made a stance on racial injustice in the past month to shine a light on the issue.

The statement continued with, “Today is more than football - it's about change starting here. When we take the field, we represent Eastern Kentucky University and play the game we love. In the classroom, and across campus, we hold ourselves to the highest standard and strive to be role models.”

“As EKU football players, we stand in solidarity with people across the United States to say enough is enough,” the statement said. “Hate, racism, systemic oppression and violence must stop. This is about unity, not division. We must strive to be better.”

The Colonels will travel to West Virginia University next Saturday, Sept. 12. The game will air on FS1 at noon.

Fans will not be allowed due to the pandemic. West Virginia said in a statement that only essential game operations personnel and families of the players and football staff will be allowed to attend.

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