The Eastern Kentucky University beach volleyball team competed in four duels on Saturday and Sunday at the EKU beach volleyball complex.

The Colonels dropped the first duel of the weekend to University of Tennessee-Martin, 5-0. The Skyhawks won all six games in two sets.

Results from the match versus UT Martin:

1 – UTM (Kaufman/Phillips) def. EKU (Woody/Mitchell) 21-9, 22-20

2 – UTM (Carrell/Scanlon) def. EKU (Schoen/Michalak) 21-12, 21-11

3 – UTM (Paulino/Wallick) def. EKU (Alexander/Johnson) 21-9, 21-9

4 – UTM (Conley/Reynolds) def. EKU (Logan/Schmitendorf) 21-17, 21-18

5 – UTM (Kearns/Lucas) def. EKU (Roeder/Franklin) 21-5, 21-5

Exh. – UTM (Merriweather/O'Neill) def. EKU (Davis/Campbell) 24-22, 21-15

In the second match of the weekend, EKU fell to Jacksonville State University, 3-2.

The number four pairing of Josie Schmitendorf and Mikayla Logan of EKU battled and won the first set, 23-21, over the number four pairing of Jacksonville State. Jacksonville State came back to take set two, 21-11, but Schmitendorf and Logan prevailed in the third, 15-9, to take the game.

In the number one pairing, EKU’s Rachel Woody and Sarah Mitchell came out on top in the first set, 21-15, before dropping set two, 15-21. In a tight third set, Woody and Mitchell won 15-13 despite a late rally by Jacksonville State.

Results from the match versus Jacksonville State University:

1 – EKU (Woody/Mitchell) def. JSU (Milton/Quigley) 21-15, 15-21, 15-13

2 – JSU (Nelson/Glotzbach) def. EKU (Alexander/Michalak) 21-16, 21-15

3 – JSU (Kindermann/Carmichael) def. EKU (Schoen/Johnson) 21-16, 21-16

4 – EKU (Logan/Schmitendorf) def. JSU (Randall/Jarnagin) 23-21, 11-21, 15-9

5 – JSU (Pauze/Garrison) def. EKU (Roeder/Campbell) 21-15, 21-11

In the third match of the weekend, University of Tennessee Chattanooga pulled out a 3-2 victory over the Colonels.

The number five pairing of Maddy Campbell and Molly Roeder started the duel with a 25-23 and 21-16 victory over the number five pairing for Chattanooga.

Schmitendorf and Logan continued the momentum from the Jacksonville State match, and won the first set, 21-17. However, the number four pairing for Chattanooga battled back to win set two, 21-19. Chattanooga finished off the game with a 15-9 victory in set three.

The other three-set match of the duel went to the Colonels. Sydney Schoen and Kaylin Johnson defeated Victoria Cellino and Paige Gallentine, 21-13, 11-21, and 15-11.

Results from the Chattanooga match:

1 – UTC (Krege/Young) def. EKU (Mitchell/Woody) 21-11, 21-16

2 – UTC (Finch/Steger) def. EKU (Michalak/Alexander) 21-13, 21-12

3 – EKU (Schoen/Johnson) def. UTC (Gallentine/Finch) 21-13, 11-21, 15-11

4 – UTC (Lomax/Ashway) def. EKU (Schmitendorf/Logan) 17-21, 21-19, 15-9

5 – EKU (Roeder/Campbell) def. UTC (Myers-Osband/Jordan) 25-23, 21-16

Exh. – EKU (Davis/Franklin) split UTC (Mullins/Perkins) 15-21, 21-17

EKU finished off the weekend against Austin Peay State University. The Governors swept the Colonels, 5-0.

Austin Peay won five of the six games in two sets. The lone three-set game featured the number four pairing of Schmitendorf and Logan versus Caroline Waite and Erin Eisenhart of Austin Peay. EKU won set one, 21-16, before the Governors rallied to take set two, 21-17, and set three, 15-11.

Results from the Austin Peay match:

1 – APSU (Bullington/Hood) def. Mitchell/Woody (EKU) 21-10, 21-17

2 – APSU (Panning/Moore) def. EKU (Schoen/Johnson) 21-4, 21-7

3 – APSU (Mead/Seyring) def. EKU (Michalak/Alexander) 21-18, 21-16

4 – APSU (Waite/Eisenhart) def. EKU (Schmitendorf/Logan) 16-21, 21-17, 15-11

5 – APSU (Arrington/Darland) def. EKU (Roeder/Campbell) 21-19, 21-13

Exh. – APSU (Buggs/Graham) def. EKU (Davis/Franklin) 21-11, 21-10

EKU finishes the regular season with an 0-11 record.

The sixth seed Colonels will face off against the third seed UT Martin Skyhawks in the Ohio Valley Conference Beach Volleyball Championship on Thursday, April 29 at 3 p.m. The inaugural OVC Beach Volleyball Championship will take place in Martin, Tennessee.

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