Aguirre represents her country and EKU

Eastern Kentucky University soccer goalkeeper Zoe Aguirre makes a save for the Mexico national team. Aguirre has made multiple appearances for the Mexico team this season.

For Eastern Kentucky University sophomore goalkeeper Zoe Aguirre, playing for her national team has been something she has worked for her entire life and has finally got the chance to live her dream.

“Dreams really do happen,” Aguirre said.

She said that this was something her teammates kept telling her when they found out the news she would be playing for Mexico, they were all excited for Aguirre.

“It’s been a big opportunity to play for Mexico... it’s a chance for me to show my abilities,” Aguirre said.

She says it’s a big deal for her to represent not only EKU but also her country while playing.

“Hearing that phone call was the best moment in my life,” Aguirre said.

She said she felt so many emotions when she received the phone call that told her she would be going to France to play in the World Cup.

“My coaches told me that this was everything that I had worked for, everyone was happy for me,” Aguirre said.

Not only were her coaches happy, but her teammates were proud that she was following her dreams of playing on the national team.

“Stepping on the field and being a part of the first eleven, I didn’t know what to feel,” Aguirre said.

“The first time I touched the ball in the game, I told myself ‘you got this,’” Aguirre said.

Her first time playing she explained that she was anxious, but it was a good feeling when stepping on the field.

“The girls in Mexico are so close and are so welcoming... it’s like a home away from home,” Aguirre said.

She said she doesn’t speak fluent Spanish but the girls on her team help her and it’s a good environment to be around.

“I’ve learned that you’re always growing and there’s room for improvement,” Aguirre said.

She said that trust and confidence have been a big role throughout her time playing with the team.

“My favorite part was when I went to France and the first time, I got to play on the field... looking at the stands and seeing how many people there are watching you is amazing,” Aguirre said.

She said the moment was surreal and something she had always dreamed of and worked for her entire life.

“To be a good keeper, you not only have to have good skills but you have to have leadership, confidence,” Aguirre said.

Aguirre has plans to continue her soccer career and play on a professional level.

“One of my goals when I graduate from EKU, is that I do want to play professionally,” Aguirre said.

As of Oct. 6, Aguirre is with the Mexico national team participating in training sessions, a personal growth session and two preparation matches scheduled for Oct. 6 and Oct. 8.

While Aguirre is with the Mexico team, junior Billie Clark has started as goalie for the Colonels.

The EKU soccer team will be back at home on Oct. 11 against Southeast Missouri at 4 p.m.

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