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Meet the Staff

Publication Staff 

Fall 2021 Eastern Progress staff team bonding at Baldwin Farm in Richmond.


Spring 2022 Staff 



Zachery Combest



Managing Editor

Peter Wilson




News Editor

Rosie Kelley


Assistant News Editor

Christen Gibson


Features Editor

Kaitlyn Miracle


Assistant Features

Mersadie Curtiss





DeForest White



Abby Hooven



Photos & Visuals

Joshua Alexander


Keegan Sims



Copy Editors 

Gracy Kelley


Sarah Vogt


Social Media Director

Taylor Hogsed



Tricia Fulks Kelley


Business Manager

Seth Littrell


Advertising Representative

Josh Turner


Broadcasting Director

Ryan Gumm


For more podcasting information or assist please email Nathan Justice at


If you're interested in joining the staff, please fill out this interest form or email adviser Tricia Kelley at and let us know you are interested in joining! 

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