United we stand.

With the controversial topic of the wall, the new abortion laws in places like New York and the longest shutdown in government history having stopped for a “break,” America is more divided than ever. America can’t agree on anything.  We cannot decide if abortion is murder. We cannot decide if we like or hate our president. We cannot decide if building a wall is going to help our immigration issues or if it won’t do us any good.

America as a whole is anything but united, America is divided.

American politics are creating a divide in the American people. The Democrats and the Republicans have become two cliques who refuse to sit together in the lunchroom. They have lost their ability to communicate and to compromise. The recent government shutdown is proof that arguing with no intent to hear the opposition is not working. During the government shutdown, there were thousands of American people who were forced to work without pay. The  government could not reach a decision for so long that President Trump finally decided to take an ‘intermission’ from the shut down for a few weeks without a decision on the wall being made. Trump made the comment that the shut down will continue if his requests for the wall are not met. If the government shutdown continues, American people will suffer yet again. If the American government could reach a compromise then this could be prevented. Americans need to listen to one another and hear what everyone has to say. Just like any other basic human relationship, compromise is a necessity in politics.

The moment that the American people realize they will not always get their way is the moment that America's issues will begin to resolve. I am not saying that it is the answer to all of our political issues, because it is not. As long as there are people in America there will be issues in politics. However, I do believe that it would lower the chances of a disagreement so large that there are no options other than to shutdown the government.

American people need to work together to fix the problems that we have instead of constantly fighting one another. It is nearly impossible to get on Facebook without seeing people having arguments about political stances they disagree on. People should be using the sources we have been provided with to stand together. We should work to become a stronger nation than ever before, but instead, we are using these outlets as an easier way to argue with one another.

The statement is often said in the State of the Union address “the state of our union is strong.” Well, as of this day in time, this statement is anything but true. In fact, the state of our union is in distress. If we as American Citizens do not learn to hear one another and work together to come to a conclusion, then we will remain divided.

And divided, we will fall.

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