Have you ever felt sad and alone on Valentine’s Day because you never had a date? You’re not alone. Hundreds of people will not have dates on Valentine’s Day, including me. 

Not having a date doesn’t mean that you should be sad and lonely. Over the years, I have done many different things to occupy myself and to not feel down on Valentine’s Day. These are my personal tips.

Have a night out. Instead of hanging out with a romantic interest, hang out with your friends. Stay in or go out. In my opinion, the cheapest way to have a fun night out is to go to the Dollar Tree. At the Dollar Tree, everything is $1. 

That means buy all the snacks that you want. From chocolate and popcorn, to anything else that you might need, the Dollar Tree will have it. 

Once you get all the snacks, put in a movie. Romance movies are okay, if you’re not recently broken up, but comedies do the trick.

Want a large stuffed animal? Buy it! I’ve always loved the thought of recieving a giant stuffed animal on Valentine’s Day. Well, why wait for someone else to get it for you? Treat yourself! 

Go ahead and buy that stuffed animal and add a box of Russel Stover Chocolates to go with it. That always cheers me up on Valentine’s Day.

Make chocolate covered strawberries. Everyone loves chocolate — well most of us, and lots of people love strawberries. It’s an amazing combination and the recipe is easy! Just melt some chocolate in a microwave safe bowl, wash up a bowl of strawberries, and dip them into the chocolate. Add some cute heart-shaped sprinkles or pink sanding sugar on top for extra cute measure. Have fun with it! Then, place them onto a cookie-sheet to allow the chocolate to harden. Having a delicious treat on Valentine’s Day is sure to bring you happiness. 

Treat yourself.  That haircut that you’ve been wanting? Go ahead and get it! Want to get your nails done? Go get your nails done. Try out a new facemask. Treating yourself to a personal change and some pampering is good for your mental health and can give you a major self confidence boost.

Stay off Social Media.  No single wants to scroll through their Instagram, or view stories on Snapchat of couples on Valentine’s Day. Therefore, the best solution is to log out of all your social media. Logging out of your social media will allow you to not view those couples, and to just have some time for yourself. Block out what other people are doing, and just have personal time and enjoy your own company. 

Take a nap. Naps are good any day of the week, not only on Valentine’s Day. Everyday life can be stressful and tiring, which may lead you to want to unwind. A nap does that. Just lock your door, turn the lights off, close the blinds, and crawl underneath the covers. Naps will allow you to boost your energy and altogether just make you feel good. They also give you time to yourself. If you’re alone on Valentine’s Day and you’re tired or stressed out, just go take a nap, and you will feel much better.

Have younger family members? Take them out. Younger children don’t know much about Valentine’s Day. In their classrooms at school, they bring Valentine’s Cards and pass them out to their peers. They may even get a box of chocolate from their parents.

 Instead of your young siblings, nieces or nephews doing nothing on Valentine’s Day, take them out. Find a local movie theatre that has child friendly movies and spoil them. Buy them popcorn and candy until their stomachs are full. 

Instead of being sad on Valentine’s Day, spoiling your younger family members will make your day much better.

Binge a show. There are many streaming services available now. From Disney + to Hulu, and even Netflix with hundreds of shows and movies. Grab a bowl of popcorn, a blanket, and maybe even your dog, and cuddle up on the couch. Pick one or two movies or find a show that interests you. Binging a show will take your mind off the real world and will pull you into the lives of the characters. 

Read a book. When you’re stressed out over not having a date, just pick up a book and read. It can be any kind of book, although I prefer fiction with a touch of romantic subplot. 

Reading a fictional novel allows the mind to live in the book. You feel what the characters are feeling, and you know what they are thinking. 

For me, reading helps take away all the stress that I have had throughout the day. 

With these tips, a day of being alone can be fun. Just do your own thing, even if you don’t have a date. Singles always think that they need dates on Valentine’s Day, but you don’t. It’s okay to be alone on Valentine’s Day because Valentine’s Day is all about love and there’s no better day of the year to show some to yourself. 

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