Technology has created a new way for people to communicate with anyone they want in a matter of seconds. It has given people the opportunity to share their lives with friends and family in a matter of seconds. It has given people the opportunity to enhance their education without having to physically go to school by providing them with an online option. While technological advances are definitely making our current society an amazing place, have we stopped to think about what it is going to do to the future of our generation?

I am a strong supporter of technology. I believe that it is an amazing tool to use in a classroom or any other work environment. I am using technology right now as I am typing this on to my computer. However, I believe that we need to be aware of the negative aspects of advances in technology as well as the good. One of the aspects of technology that we need to be wary of is the addiction our generation has, especially with social media.

There is a general tendency to overshare in our current generation. Not everyone is guilty of this, but unlike generations before us, we have felt that it is our duty to share every feeling we have with the world via social media. If you are eating a delicious meal with someone, Snapchat will know about it within minutes. If you have a new selfie, Instagram is waiting patiently to see how great you look today. If you have an opinion that you are dying to share, Twitter and Facebook are there for you to rant.

While sometimes this is a very good thing, it also means that the entire world is watching you. What does this mean for the future of our “social media generation” when it comes time to apply for jobs or run for office? Have we thought about how our current social media transparency may affect our future adult selves?

Social media posts come back to bite people in the butt all the time, whether it is truly something bad or just something stupid and silly they did on a drunken night. A current example of this is the recently leaked video of congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez dancing in college. If a seemingly harmless video of a college girl dancing has caused an uproar, can you imagine what a jumbled up 4 a.m. Facebook rant about the president might look like years from now? Probably not too good. As many of us were informed growing up, the internet is forever. Once it is out there, there is no going back. Deleting a post doesn’t always mean you are in the clear.

The next time you are considering posting about your drunken night or you want to have a 4 a.m. ranting session, take a moment to think about how this one post could affect your future self forever. Your future employers may see what you post. Your children may see what you post. Before you post, remember that it is there forever and you are not the only one who will see it. Remember, history has its eyes on you.


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