The free flu vaccine: An Eastern responsibility

Eastern Kentucky University School of Nursing and Student Health Services have partnered together to provide free influenza vaccinations to all students during the month of October.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This submission is by SGA Vice President Nick Koenig. If you are interested in submitting a Letter to the Editor please email

Fellow Colonels, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed every aspect of life! I sympathize with the struggles you have experienced; we are in some extremely difficult times. However, it is not just our personal responsibility, but our obligation to do everything in our control to make this situation the best possible, and one of the simplest ways to help is by getting the flu vaccine. 

This is the point where some people might say, “No, I hate needles”... and to those readers, I get it! Needles are not the most welcoming to say the least. But when I went to get the free flu vaccine on campus (see later for dates and locations), the nurses who were there were super accommodating and offered some smelling salts if I needed. This simple gesture made me feel much more comfortable, and, of course, I grabbed some candy before heading out. 

Getting the flu vaccine is more imperative and crucial this year than any year before because we can reduce the strain on the healthcare system. The COVID-19 pandemic has already shown the possibility for our healthcare system to be overwhelmed, and we as Colonels and members of the Commonwealth, need to make sure we do not add to the problem by contracting the influenza virus.

You can get the flu vaccine for FREE between 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the following dates/times (no appointment necessary):


10/13: Business & Technology Center Lower Atrium OR Keene Johnson 201

10/20: Powell Renovated 201 OR Business & Technology Center Lower Atrium

10/27: South Hall OR Business & Technology Center Lower Atrium


10/8: South Hall OR Powell Renovated 201

10/15: South Hall OR Powell Renovated 201

10/29: Keene Johnson 201 OR Powell Renovated 201


10/16: Keene Johnson 201

10/23: South Hall

For more information, visit or contact Brenda Caudill (

And as always, remember to vote!

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