Taking summer classes helps students stay caught up and get ahead

How can Eastern Kentucky University students catch up, stay on track to graduate, or get ahead on their coursework? EKU summer courses offer students the opportunity to ensure progress toward graduation while helping students to manage their academic workload and prioritize courses that can be challenging or take more time. Taking summer courses is one of the best ways for students to maintain or gain momentum toward their degree. 

On-campus and online options allow students to choose from a variety of courses that fit their preferred delivery format. Summers allow students to focus on academic degree progression while also pursuing other opportunities. We know students are busy during the summer— jobs, internships, travel and personal obligations. As we continue to navigate challenges associated with COVID-19, we also realize that students need options that best fit their needs.

EKU Summer offers students the flexibility to enroll in some of the most popular undergraduate and graduate courses online. Taking Summer courses online can save students travel time and allow for a more convenient schedule and balance between course work.

 Students should plan their schedules in advance. Incorporating a summer course or two into your plans can reduce the amount of time it takes to earn your degree. Register for EKU Summer courses that will allow you to stay caught up by earning at least 30 credit hours per academic year. 

Not all courses fit into a convenient and manageable fall or spring semester. Summer courses can ensure that you’re not having to overload your schedule, which allows you to focus on your coursework and learning. Many students who take Summer courses can graduate faster, saving money in the long run.

Considering an additional major or picking up a minor? Including EKU Summer in your planning can allow you to take courses that will bolster your credentials when graduation time comes and you are planning your career pathway(s). Summer courses can bolster your resume and strengthen skills valuable to your chosen major or your projected career path.

How can you benefit from Summer courses this year? Take courses that 

  • you will need more time with so that you can dedicate the energy that you need to be successful;

  • are part of your General Education requirements; 

  • are required or are prerequisites for your degree program;  

  • or those you find interesting if you are in the process of finding a major or minor; and 

  • You have recently dropped in the fall or spring and will need to make up to stay on track or if you have changed your major. 

Talk to your advisor about summer course options that will save you time toward your degree and allow you to graduate on time or early! Discuss course options in your degree pathway with faculty and invite their recommendation(s) for you.

A full list of courses is available at summer.eku.edu. Follow EKU Summer on Twitter at @EKUSummer or #EKUSummer. Email summer@eku.edu with questions or for more information.

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