What a disappointment Super Bowl 53 was. I started this night full of excitement for the Patriots-Rams rematch from Super Bowl 36 and ended the night wishing I had gone to bed instead of sticking through the “Game of The Year.” Not only was the Halftime show a total tease, but the game was slow and anticlimactic with a cringe-worthy ending. If I could go back in time and warn myself not to waste my night watching the game, I would.

After painfully watching neither team score during the first quarter of the game, I prayed the next quarter would be better. I was thoroughly disappointed. After spending the entire first quarter with no points on the board for either team, Gostkowski broke the ice and connected from the 42-yard line putting the grand total of 3 points on the board. Seriously though, this was the highlight of the first half of the game.

Halftime is supposed to be the brief intermission for all the non-football lovers who are watching the Super Bowl with their friends and family; the highlight of the night for those people who are mainly watching for the commercials. With the month of teasers leading up to the Super Bowl, everyone was excited to hear Maroon 5 sing “Sweet Victory” as a tribute to the beloved Spongebob creator Stephen Hillenburg, who passed away this past year. Maroon 5 played a few short clips of the iconic scene from Spongebob and banged on a few drums, leading the eager audience to believe the tunes of Sweet Victory were about to ring out. They did not.

Banging on a few snare drums and showing a few clips is not a tribute, it is a disgrace to Spongebob fans everywhere. From that point on, Maroon 5 took a slow and hard journey downhill. They sang a key lower than the normal key they sing in for a few of their songs, and their overall performance was just bland, except for the vulgar performance given by Travis Scott. My television literally had to tune out half of the words he was saying! Do they not know that kids watch the Super Bowl too? As an overall performance, the Super Bowl’s halftime show was not up to par, especially considering the fact that we could have had Rihanna and Cardi B as performers for the halftime show. However, they turned down this opportunity in an effort to show their support for Colin Kaepernick.

After sitting through the halftime show, America was excited for the second half of the game, hoping for the Super Bowl excitement we have waited so long for to come about, but it was nowhere in sight. The Rams would tie the game up with a 53-yard field goal. According to announcers Tony Romo and Jim Nantz, however,  the most exciting part of this game to this point was when the longest punt record was broken. You read that correctly. The excitement over a broken punt record was the highlight of this game, at least until the last seven minutes of the game, when the Patriots finally made the first touchdown of the night.

The Rams played hard and fought for a chance for a comeback, but right as a glimpse of hope reappeared, Jared Goff threw an unbelievably bad pass that was easily intercepted by Stephon Gilmore. The hope for the Rams had nearly faded. Flash forward to the near end of Super Bowl 53, and you see the Rams lined up for a field goal. This is the last hope for the Rams to have even a chance at a comeback. If they miss this field goal, all hope is gone. What did they do? They missed the field goal, leaving America in tears as the Patriots claim yet another victory. This brought Tom Brady’s Super Bowl ring count to a total of 6, which is more than any other NFL team except for the Steelers and two more than any other quarterback ever. This painful win also forces one to think about how this Super Bowl could have gone. If the Rams hadn’t defeated the Saints by a bogus call and the Chiefs would have pulled through and beaten the Patriots, would this have been a better game? The world may never know. The Patriots win, and ironically, America loses.


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