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Living in the age of digital technology, there has been an explosion of technological advancements. Today, it isn’t uncommon for a single person to be the owner of a smartphone, tablet, smartwatch, computer and TV among other types of technology. With these advancements, one debate has been raging ever since the birth of tech giants like Apple and Microsoft—which is better: Mac or PC? I will be comparing the similarities and differences between a Mac laptop and a PC laptop. 

According to Business Insider, the main difference between Mac and PC laptops is that a Mac laptop was created by Apple Inc. using the macOS operating system (commonly known as the iOS operating system on iPhones) while a PC laptop has a Windows operating system created by Microsoft.  As someone who has experience using the macOS operating system and the Windows operating system, I can confidently say that I prefer the Windows operating system. 

In my opinion, the macOS operating system is too restrictive and complex. The Mac already comes pre-installed with standard apps used on almost every Apple device. While this may be convenient for users who adhere only to Apple products, it is not so convenient for users who do not. While you have the universality of being able to receive text messages on all your devices if you are a Mac user (i.e., getting messages from your iPhone to your computer to your smartwatch) you do not have this option if you are a Mac laptop user but an Android phone user. The restrictiveness of only one platform on the macOS operating system does not allow the user freedom of choice. They are no longer free to choose which apps they prefer for certain functions. Because Apple has taken away this choice, users must choose either all Apple products or go with another manufacturer. 

Another difference between Mac and PC is the universality of each laptop in terms of mouse functions, keyboard shortcuts and ports. You must become a long-time Mac user before you can truly memorize all the ins and outs of the system. For example, Mac computers don’t have standard right click buttons on the touchpad. To right click an item, you must press “control” + “click”. Whereas, on most PC computers you only have to right click on the touchpad. 

The universal keyboard shortcuts are also different on Mac computers. To copy, paste, or cut items you must click the “command” button instead of the “control” button. For example, on a Mac computer the copy shortcut is “command” + “C” while on PC it is “control” + “C”. The same applies for the rest of the shortcuts; however, the letters are different. While these may seem like small differences, for a user that is not familiar with the macOS operating system, it can become cumbersome. 

Besides small differences, there are also some major differences between the Mac and PC laptops. The first major difference is the use of different ports. Mac computers use thunderbolt ports, while PC computers typically have a variety of different ports, such as USB, HDMI, USB type C, etc. Depending on the specific type of PC computer you have, these ports can vary. 

According to Apple’s tech specs, a 13” MacBook Pro has two standard thunderbolt ports and a headphone jack. These are the only ports available to Mac users. If you wanted to plug in an HDMI cord or a USB drive, users are required to buy an additional adapter cable for these capabilities to function. Compare that to a PC laptop, say the ASUS Q406DA laptop (a laptop that I personally own), which comes equipped with two USB ports, a USB type C/thunderbolt port, an HDMI port and a headphone jack. There is no need to buy an additional adapter because you have all the ports you will ever need pre-installed into the laptop. 

In my opinion, the lack of universal ports on the Mac computers is an off-putting feature. It’s inconvenient to pay extra for an adapter that allows you to use universal ports already built into other types of laptops. Why not just buy a PC laptop and be done with it? There is no need to spend additional money. 

It seems that Mac computers have opted away from using universal shortcuts and ports so they can focus more on style and design. While this is admirable, and I don’t deny that MacBook laptops are designed quite well, I prefer universality and functionality over design, which is why I will always opt for a PC laptop.

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