Gov. Andy Beshear hosts a daily press conference covering updates on COVID-19 in Kentucky.

If you’ve been in Kentucky during the coronavirus pandemic, you know you should be social distancing, and you’ve seen the memes and you probably know to tune in at 5 p.m. every day to watch Andy Beshear’s #TeamKentucky coronavirus updates.

The governor so far has done an amazing job at keeping everyone up-to-date on necessary information about the virus, taking necessary precautions, and keeping Kentuckians as safe and as calm as possible in this time of crisis in the world. 

Although COVID-19 is a worldwide issue, Beshear is working hard. So far, he has succeeded in his attempts to slow the spread of the virus in Kentucky, based on comparing Kentucky’s current case number to our neighboring states, we can see that Kentuckians are better off than most. By watching the daily updates you can tell that Beshear’s main concern so far has been not only to stop the spread of the virus, but to keep everyone calm. Reminding everyone to limit reading about the virus on social media and to be considerate and compassionate to those around them, all while still conveying that the virus is dangerous and needs to be taken seriously. 

Beshear takes time out of his updates to give positive feedback on what people throughout the state are doing to help. Whether it be how they’re applying social distancing to their lives, by finding new ways to be social without close contact, or by providing services to others through donations of homemade masks or surplus personal protective equipment. This reminder that people are helping out their fellow Kentuckians, breaks up the seriousness of the situation in a positive way and inspires others in the state to do their part to help. 

Beshear understands that the Corona has heavily affected people’s lives and their ability to participate in things that have great significance to them. He encouraged churches to ring bells daily at 10 inspire hope for those missing their regular services. Beshear has also shown a great deal of empathy, as with each death that sadly occurs from the virus, he lights up the Governor’s Mansion in green to show his compassion for the people of Kentucky. 

In his updates Governor Beshear is not the only one conveying information. He brings in Dr. Steven Stack to talk and to give factual updates on the virus from a reliable source rather than attempt to convey everything himself.  American Sign Language interpreter Virginia Moore is also on screen for the entirety of the updates to ensure everyone watching can easily get the information directly from the broadcasts, an important accessibility measure that is not always taken in newscasts. 

Some steps being taken so far by the state include social distancing, closing of all non-life sustaining businesses, a mandatory order for restaurants to switch to a drive-through or delivery/takeout only format, cancellations of group events and more. Governor Beshear and his team have set up a website for all orders, recommendations and information ( to ensure everyone has a reliable source of information pertaining to COVID-19, in an attempt to stop the spread of misinformation.

So far, Beshear’s cautionary steps are working out great. Although numbers of confirmed cases, expectedly, continue to rise when compared to many of the states around us they are low and we have been able to avoid a stay-at-home order unlike some of our neighboring states. According to as of March 25, 3,000 tests have been given and 198 cases confirmed. 

Although others in the state may not agree with every order Governor Beshear has given in response to COVID-19 to this point, I can confidently say that I feel like he is doing an amazing job at keeping the spread in Kentucky as contained as possible. I feel that Governor Beshear truly is making the safety and well-being of the Commonwealth his biggest priority.

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