This has been a weird year. I know that living in a post-Trump world, weird is the standard description for things. But 2018 has been weird in ways that aren’t just Trump-y. 

Think about the last few weeks for instance. The grape surgery. That big-ass cow in Australia. There’s also been a whole lot of stupid too. And scary. And maybe just a teensy bit of good. Think of this as a rambling recap. 

I think, to me, 2018 will always be known as the year that “The Shape of Water,” a movie about a woman falling in love with a fish man won best picture at The Oscars. Like a literal fish/human hybrid. And if I’m not mistaken, there is in fact a love scene or two involving the lady and the fish. Best Picture and Best Director. 

Additionally, the world was gripped by the short-lived romance of Ariana Grande, and by his own description, “That guy on SNL who looks like he needs blood,” Pete Davidson. In other news, Elon Musk also lost his mind and claimed one of the Thai cave divers was a pedophile.

Fortnite. Stop. Just stop it. It’s got bland gameplay and it’s boring as hell. The whole premise of the game is to essentially run around and hide for the length of the match. 

The fact that some people are getting famous literally for being good at Fortnite is infuriating. And I swear to God, if I have to see another grown-ass man do a Fortnite dance in public, I’m gonna vomit napalm. 

Kanye West is allowed to be a Republican. Did he say some crazy things during his brief stint as MAGA Yeezy? Definitely, but that’s just Kanye being Kanye. I’m about as big of a left-winger as they come, not exactly a fan of Kanye either, but the freak out on social media that came after his apparent outing as a Trump supporter was a little unnecessary. He can have whatever political views he wants, even if they’re incoherent.

Tide Pod jokes stopped being funny about an hour after the first one was made. Last I checked, there were around 86 confirmed cases of intentional Tide Pod ingestion. Yeah, that’s way too big of a number of people to be eating Tide Pods. 

But the sentiment that the current generation of young people are all just munching away on detergent is asinine. That being said, I’ve got no sympathy for those who actually ate Tide Pods. They got whatever bodily harm they deserve.

The Saudi Arabian Government cut U.S. resident and journalist Jamal Kashoggi’s head off with a bone saw while he was alive, and our government just let it happen.

As a journalism major, this has me feeling a lot of things. Shock, disgust, rage, etc. 

Not only does it highlight the Trump Administration’s greed, but also the growing hatred and apathy towards the press that said administration is stoking. The President licking the Saudi’s boots via tweet afterward was quite possibly the most tasteless thing he’s ever done. And this is Donald freaking Trump we’re talking about. 

But in the grand scheme of things, being angry about all that is fairly pointless, as climate change is apparently going to kill us all in the coming future anyway. 

According to the U.N., we’ve got 12 years to limit Climate Change. That’s… not a very long time. Our current president doesn’t even believe in it, and we’ve got 12 years to fix it before something catastrophic happens. We’re totally screwed, right?

While we found out that the earth may be in its death throes, not everything this year was that bad. We got some pretty rad entertainment for one thing. “Infinity War” actually lived up to the hype. “Black Panther” and “Crazy Rich Asians” gave us cultural milestones. And the horror genre came back with a vengeance after the return of “Halloween.” 

Fortnite aside, video games were pretty good too. Kratos learned how to be a good dad among all the monster dismembering in his return in “God of War.” And an entire generation of gamers will be brought to the verge of tears at the mere whispering of the name “Arthur Morgan” thanks to the long awaited, flawless “Red Dead Redemption 2”. 

Probably the biggest news story of the year was the hotly contested midterm elections. Democrats took back the house, republicans held the Senate. The most remarkable thing about this election to me isn’t that my guys took back the house. 

It’s that voter turnout was through the roof. According to Vox, 49.3 percent of the voting eligible population voted. 

That may not sound like much, but it’s the highest midterm turnout has been since 1914. That tells me that people may not be so inclined to be apathetic anymore. Maybe people are motivated to take some action now. And maybe, just maybe, they at least attempt to keep climate change from murdering us in the next few years. 

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