Super Bowl

For many years the Yankees stood their ground as America’s most hated sports team, but in the last couple of years, they have been dethroned. America has chosen a new team to throw their hatred at, The New England Patriots. While there are thousands of die-hard Patriot fans in America, they are vastly outnumbered by the fans of every other NFL team fans who have grown a deep hatred for the Patriots over the years. While I am sure there are plenty of reasons to like the Patriots, I am not here to talk about any of those, I am here to explain why they have become the most hated team in America.

One fact that most everyone can agree on is that the Patriots have dominated the NFL for years. While their dominance has played a major role in the uproaring hatred faced at them, it is not only due to their actual ability as a team, but also about the belief that they have been bending the rules for a number of years. When it comes to ‘living on the edge’, the Patriots take it to heart. They like to play on the edge, pushing the boundaries of the NFL rulebook. Over the years, the Patriots have been accused of cheating many times, and while they often have excuses to say they weren't cheating, the biggest crowd believes that they have, causing the hatred to grow.  One of the more recent cheating scandals the Patriots allegedly took part in was the 2015 incident when they deflated the balls. Deflating balls before the AFC Championship against the Indianapolis Colts was when the Patriots hit a real low. It was at this point that American Teams all over began to realize how dirty the Patriots were willing to be. After the many cheating allegations, the opponents of the Patriots began to constantly be suspicious of the actions the Patriots took, and rightfully so. This constant feeling of suspicion easily turned into hatred toward the Patriots.

Off the field, there is one major aspect of a team that defines them: their fans. The fans of the Patriots are some of the worst in the NFL. For starters, the fans are constantly complaining about Tom Brady or at least about the team not doing enough to support Brady. The Patriots have made the playoffs just about every year in the last couple of decades, won several super bowls and are always a contender to win it all. This team is good. The fans have no reason to complain about their good quarterback being horrible or their good team not supporting him. Just admit that you have a good team and be happy for the wins you are getting, and maybe then the rest of the NFL fans won't hate you and your team as much as we do now.

The last reason, and possibly the biggest reason, that the New England Patriots are hated by most NFL fans, is because they have Tom Brady as their star quarterback.  Don’t get me wrong, Brady is an excellent player. However, Tom Brady is one of the biggest reasons why everyone hates the Patriots. Many of the Patriots’ opposing teams are not fond of Brady because he is known to be very persuasive with the officials. Many times Brady has been accused of talking the officials into letting him or his team off the hook for a foul play. Brady has been seen talking his way out of penalties and that is very frowned upon among the other NFL players and their fans.

After many years of the Yankees holding the title of the most hated team in America, it was about time for their title to be handed down to another team. While the fans are obnoxious and the suspicions of opposing teams may be what started the hatred towards the Patriots, the cheating led by the ‘beloved’ Tom Brady is what will bring the New England Patriots down from their high horse and give them the title of the most hated team in America.

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