It pisses me off that I have to write about this again, but last Thursday was a watershed moment for this country. I didn’t watch Brett Kavanaugh’s Senate Judiciary hearing as it aired, but I was anxiously checking all of my online feeds for developments as they came through. Later on I watched clips of the event, and what I saw moved and revolted me. 

Dr. Christine Blasey Ford was calm, astute, and absolutely haunting in her testimony.

“I was underneath them while they laughed. Two friends having a really good time with one another,” Dr. Ford said of her assault. It’s just as gross as it is believable, and given what we know has happened to Dr. Ford since she came out with her story, makes her testimony all the more heroic. 

The claim that this is all a smear campaign from the Democrats to keep this seat open is nonsense. 

She came out with her story before Kavanaugh’s nomination even came through. None of this had to happen. And in reaction to her coming out with her story, Dr. Ford has received death threats. She’s had to hide her children because of this. 

What did she have to gain by telling her story? What has she suffered because she told it? If you ask yourself those two questions before you judge the woman, you’ll get a pretty good idea about where you stand on the issue. 

On the other hand, the honorable Judge Brett Kavanaugh came out of the gates swinging. Any criticism about his calm, collected interview on Fox News must have been heard loud and clear by Kav and his PR team. He was furious. In his 45 minute opening statement, Kavanaugh spit piss and vinegar at everyone from Democrats, the Clintons, and the Left Wing Deep State for daring to speak ill of his name. He was unhinged and stammering; tears were shed.

While he wasn’t lacking in emotion, his delivery of his testimony was petulant and condescending. And the lies that were spat out of his mouth were not just meaningless, but absurd. A Devil’s Triangle is not a Quarters game, it’s a sex act, and a lewd one at that. And “boofing” sure as hell isn’t farting. It could actually be the polar opposite. To quote our governor from last week’s edition of the Eastern Progress,  “google it up” if you really must know more about these two definitions. 

Oh, and beer. Bretty K. loves him some brewskis. Sure he claims it was legal for seniors to drink at the time, but he wasn’t a senior or of the legal drinking age in his home state of Maryland during the time period he talked about. This is another one of those needless lies that kept popping up during his testimony. Show me someone who didn’t drink in high school and I’ll show you a liar (hint, it’s the same person). It’s something almost everyone has done, and there was no real reason to give such a boldfaced and outlandish cover up. 

Kavanaugh would interrupt and angrily refuse to answer questions asked of him. He didn’t come off as an impartial bastion of the law. He was every negative stereotype about a Frat Boy that’s ever been concocted, but aged 30 years and cranked up to 11. The fact that the Republican members of the committee didn’t ask questions as much as fawn over him didn’t help much as far as optics went. 

Lindsey Graham, once one of the most suave, charming members of the Senate was reduced to hypocritical ranting. 

They would have you believe that Brett Kavanaugh was a flawless, shimmering hero, and that this was all just an evil scheme by a bunch of butthurt Democrats to ruin a good man and destroy precedent. But that’s not the case at all.

Contrary to what some people would have you believe, this is not a trial. It’s a job interview. And if most people went into a job interview and cried, lied, talked about how much they love beer, and ranted about the Clintons being after them, they rightfully wouldn’t be hired. Brett Kavanaugh is not the one receiving death threats. He’s a grown ass man, with a lifetime appointment to a federal circuit court, who is most likely going to get promoted to the Supreme Court.

No one should be pitying him. If he’s so innocent then he shouldn’t have any problem with an investigation into these claims.                                                                  

From where I’m standing he looks less like a judge and more like a whimpering child being held accountable for the first time in his life.

Due to the actions of the Democratic members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Republican Senator Jeff Flake, and others, President Trump relented to the demands that the FBI investigate the allegations of abuse against Brett Kavanaugh. Something that should have been done the second the allegations came out in the first place.

So what’s to lose here? If it’s as Kavanaugh has said, and the allegations are a sham, his name is about to be cleared and the Republicans are about to get another Supreme Court seat and a boost for the midterms

And if Dr. Ford and the various other women who have come forward against Kavanaugh are correct, then a sexual predator will be denied a seat on the highest court in the land and the Republicans will just have to fill the seat with someone who’s not a rapist. Win win, right? Wrong.

In the time since the investigation was announced, MSNBC has reported that the investigation is seriously limited in scope. While this has since been revised due to public backlash, the fact that it was previously limited says a lot about the state of political polarization in the country. This investigation should be about finding the truth, not giving political cover. 

There have been about a thousand Op-Eds written about the hearings, but that’s not the main reason I wrote this. When I got home from classes last Thursday evening, my mother was enraged. This was the angriest I had ever seen her.

“They’re going to put that monster on the Supreme Court. What they’ve put that poor woman through is disgusting. There’s a reason we don’t come out when these things happen to us”, my mother said. I had always known my mother had an unwarranted encounter with a man, but I didn’t know everything about it until last week.

My mother was a 19-year-old girl when her preacher asked if he could take her out to dinner one day after service. He had just gotten divorced, and was well respected in the community. Sure, it’s a little unconventional, but why would she turn him down? He’s been nothing but kind her whole life, and she’s known him since she was four. Those expectations were quickly shattered when my mother found herself locked in a car and headed for Tennessee.

“He was wearing short shorts. I don’t remember what color they were, but they were short shorts”, my mother said of the Preachers attire. He took her to a Cracker Barrel in Tennessee. She said he spoke in an extremely graphic sexual way about his son’s ex-wife. He also talked about working out since his divorce, how muscular he’d gotten. It’s at this point that he took my mother’s hand and stroked it on his calf. To feel the muscles. Naturally my mother recoiled. He let up for the rest of their time in Cracker Barrel.

At this point it was fairly late in the evening. He told my mother that he had to go to his cabin. Mom replied that it was late and she needed to go home. He didn’t listen. Around 9 o’clock that night, my mom found herself alone in an isolated cabin in the woods with her preacher. He decided they needed to watch some porn. After this he told my mother he was going to have sex with her. He said he wouldn’t do anything without her permission, but this decrepit old asshole said he was going to have sex with my mother one way or another. She wasn’t allowed to leave.

Mom protested, she had a boyfriend (the man who would become my father), and that this was just not something she wanted to do. He didn’t care. While he was doing the usual thing creepy old men do when they watch porn, a group of loud men showed up in a nearby cabin. My mother ran out to them screaming. From there she called my grandfather, and she went home physically unscathed. Her mental health however is another story.  

For years after the incident my mother had nightmares about what happened. It was recurring, she was in the woods being chased by a large man dressed like a preacher. He didn’t have a face. Close to 20 years after that night in the cabin, my mother and I had an encounter with him. I was a small child at the time; we were eating lunch at KFC. Even at an early age I could tell something was wrong when I saw mom’s face. A tall old man with white hair walked into the restaurant. He was decked out in denim, head to toe. Before I knew what was happening, my mother had grabbed me by the wrist and we were running out of the restaurant. I didn’t really comprehend what was going on at the time, but I remember the fear on my mother’s face. I still do.

She doesn’t remember what color his clothes were. She doesn’t remember what day of the week it was, or what month it was either, but she remembers what matters.

“I didn’t tell many people about it for years because I was afraid they wouldn’t believe me. That they would call me a liar and judge me.  But just because I couldn’t recall every detail it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen,” my mother told me. It was apparently a common occurrence for this man to have lured women to his cabin, but no one ever came forward to say anything, because he was a preacher. Who would take the word of some girl over a man of God?  It’s sad to say, but it’s not likely that every woman he took to his cabin could’ve gotten away just being mentally scarred like my mother.

My mother has requested that I not name the man in question. He died a few months ago, so my mother feels that any justice that could happen has already happened. It was a tough decision not to go over her head. I feel like people need to know what that so called holy man has done, but at the end of the day, he’s dead and my mother pleaded with me not to run his name. So I’m not. That being said, I can’t promise that I don’t dig the twisted old son of a bitch up and mutilate his corpse at some point over the next few days.

We live in a society that would rather shame a victim than punish an abuser. That needs to change. So even if you are as big a Kavanaugh supporter as they come, take a moment to think before you blast Dr. Ford and the other accusers in a Facebook post. Odds are someone in your life, man or woman alike, has been through some sort of sexual abuse or harassment. So, for their sake, show some respect.

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