As the new semester comes to a rousing start, Eastern Kentucky University students are  going to be quite busy with classes, homework and educational upkeep; but during the times when you’re not doing anything, it’s good to have a general idea of where you can hang out in the Richmond area. To give incoming students a few ideas (as well as refresh the memories of some of our returning faces), the Eastern Progress’ photographer, Joshua, and I went around Richmond for a day to familiarize ourselves with some of the best hangout locations in the area and report back on them. So, let’s start with our first (and most obvious) location…


Lake Reba

Lake Reba is a central location in Richmond and is easily the most popular outdoor hangout outside of campus, but you generally don’t have to worry about overcrowding because of the sheer size of the park area surrounding it. There are a ton of activities you can take part in here, from simple excursions like fishing, rowing and jogging on the trails to the numerous facilities on the premises, like the mini golf, batting cages, waterpark, picnic areas and sports fields. One of the prettiest spots in Richmond, Lake Reba is an easy default location if you want to be outside. In addition, it’s just a few short minutes from campus, so transportation shouldn’t be too much of an issue for most students.

Legendary Games

For those interested in tabletop RPGs, collectable card games, board party games, or local game tournaments in any of these, Legendary Games is the ideal hangout. Hosting a slew of resources available for Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, an officially licensed Doom board game I didn’t know existed until now and a truly ridiculous amount of other titles, Legendary Games is built around nerd culture from top to bottom. They regularly host scheduled events for several games in their catalog, and visitors can borrow their tables to use for campaigns, versus matches or just casual hangouts whenever they feel like dropping in. Located in the shopping center just across the intersection from the entrance to Model Laboratory School at the edge of EKU, Legendary Games is only a few minutes away, even when walking from campus.

Galaxy Bowling

For as long as I can remember, Galaxy Bowling has been the de facto Richmond location for parties, club get-togethers, night outings and the like. As such, it makes sense that it’d be a pretty great place to hang out in the afternoons. The building supplies bowling equipment, of course, but they also offer billiards supply rentals for their dedicated pool table room, a decently sized arcade in the lobby area and an attached pub in the form of Champion’s. Bowling is obviously the biggest attractor for most students here, but should you be in the mood for something else, Galaxy Bowling largely has you covered in other departments.

Obviously, there are other locations to hang out in Richmond, like the Cinemark movie theater or any of the local eateries, but these should be enough to get you started in the new year. If you’d like, you can let us know your favourite Richmond hangouts by tagging us on Twitter @easternprogress.

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