As students at EKU, I think we’ve all felt the loss of one of our staple dining facilities on campus, Einstein Bros Bagels. Einstein’s was always a place for students to come together, work on homework or just grab a quick bite before class. I used to go there every day during my first semester of college and get a bagel or a hot drink before heading to class. But with recent changes to dining on campus, our beloved bagel place has been taken out of commission.

       Einstein Brothers closed at the end of the fall semester 2017 around the same time the on-campus Starbucks did. However, while the new Starbucks has long been open and operating in the lower level of the Powell building, we didn’t have any news on the reopening of Einstein’s until very recently.

       I am disappointed in how long the students here have had to go without bagels and any reliable information on when we can get them back. Personally, I would like the chance to spend most of my flex there again before I graduate.

       The current sophomores only got to experience Einstein Bros for a short time and there has now been an entire class of freshmen who have yet to experience it at all.

        Originally, the new location was rumored to open at the beginning of the fall semester 2018 and was pushed back to October 1. But when October came, there was still no news of the development.

           It has been announced that the new Einstein Bros Bagels is set to move from its former home in the Moore building to the Weaver building, where Starbucks previously resided. According to a recent tweet by Michael Benson on Jan. 7, it was set to be reopened on Feb. 1, however, that was obviously not the case.

           In his tweet, Benson said, “Yes, it’s really happening y’all! Target date for opening the new location of @EinsteinBros at #EKU is February 1st. Checked on the progress today and it’s definitely coming along.” The tweet also has pictures attached that show Einsteins in various states of construction, but when Feb. 1 rolled around, there was no update of the new location’s progress and that side of the Weaver building was still shut tight.

Shortly after the delay earlier this month, one of my friends even contacted EKU Dining via twitter and was told that because of issues with construction the new location would “probably” open up at the end of February. However, this is apparently also not the case.

           Late Tuesday night, President Benson tweeted out again, this time with more exciting news. “This is NO joke,” the tweet said. “Happy to announce that @EinsteinBros at #EKU will open its brand-new location in the Weaver Building on April 1, 2019. Just make it through Spring Break @eku students & this spectacular new location will be up and running shortly after your return!”

           Though it’s difficult to believe after all the previous broken promises, I am looking forward to getting a bagel the day I come back from Spring Break, if I can even remember what they taste like anymore. Hopefully this time the predictions of the opening date come true and we can all enjoy the bagels we’ve been missing out on.


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