There is no question that some people spend hours on their smart devices every day. But despite the name of these devices, are they making their users less intellectual?

Every morning when I wake up, I roll to my nightstand and look at my phone; it is the first thing I do. Speaking with my peers, they tell me this is their morning routine as well. Have we grown so dependent on our phones that we cannot even resist the urge to grab them before getting out of bed?

I recently realized how severely I have come to rely on my cell phone. I have found it is more difficult than ever to do simple math equations without whipping out my calculator app or typing it into Google. I’ve also found

that having any information I could possibly want at any moment allows my brain to think only at the surface level.

Although this doesn’t present any dire problems, it really bothers me. What has happened to my brain? I struggle with memory of simple things like friend’s phone numbers, people’s names and even basic things such as what I ate for dinner the night before.

I cannot help but wonder if the amount of time I spend looking at a screen, having information spoon fed to me, is causing this.

I often consider taking a major break from my smartphone and social media, but every time I try it seems I miss something important, work related or otherwise. It is difficult to separate myself from these things when my professional life revolves around them, and I think many people would agree.

Recently I took a trip to an area where I had no phone service or Wi-Fi, and I have to say, it was liberating. Not looking at social media for days felt like a reset on my brain. I do not find myself reaching for my cellphone

to endlessly scroll through Facebook, but instead just enjoying things around me. My brain feels more alert and active than it has in weeks and, in my mind, it must be more than a coincidence.

Perhaps this is only my experience, but I encourage anyone who feels the same way to take a step back from their mobile device.

In this society, we cannot realistically get rid of our smart devices all together, but we can make a conscious effort to use them less. Take a break from your phone with me. Life is busy and short, why waste so much time staring at a screen?

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