As a junior, starting off this school year living in my own off-campus apartment and commuting to school, I can say that I do not like the dorm life.

Dorms are small, gross and at times a bit annoying. Especially for those living in traditional rooms where you share one room with another person and a bathroom is shared with everyone on the hall. It can be easy for students, especially incoming freshman, to decide to go home every weekend if you live close enough to campus.

I did the same thing my freshman year. Every weekend I would leave on Fridays, as soon as my last class ended and head home. On Sundays, I would make the drive back to campus as late as I possibly could. Doing this, I made fewer friends my freshman year and hated my first year of college. If I could redo my freshman year, I would have stayed on campus as much as possible and gotten more involved on campus earlier on.

If you are living on campus this year, try staying at your dorm  over the weekends. Staying on campus may be uncomfortable for some students but being comfortable never gets you anywhere. You must be uncomfortable first for any progress to be made. It may be hard at first, but it can be done.

Being involved on campus provides students with endless opportunities. There are tons of student organizations on campus: community service, Greek life, and more. There is an organization on campus for everyone, and if you think there isn’t, students have the opportunity to make an organization on campus.

Staying on campus leaves room for opportunities with other students, like meeting up for movie nights in the dorms, going out to eat together, going bowling or skating on the weekends. If you like to party, most parties are also on Fridays or Saturdays, something you would miss if you went home every weekend.

When getting involved, be an active member. Being involved means more than just attending a few meetings. Get positions in your organization, help with events, fundraising and community service. Being an active member in your organization will give you more experiences than being a member who does nothing.

Being involved allows you to make amazing friends with similar interests and will help make lasting memories. Going to a university and only going to class is boring and you will not get the full college experience doing that.

While dorms may be small, and you may miss your room back at home, staying and being actively involved on campus makes college life more enjoyable in the long run.

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