Long and Engle

Alan Long, vice chair of the EKU Board of Regents, and Allen Engle, a professor in the college of business and technology, pose for a picture with the resolution, passed with a unanimous vote by the Board of Regents, honoring three generations of Engle family members service to the university. Together, the generations have served at  EKU for 90 years. Pictured from left to right: Long and Engle. 


Allen Engle accepted a resolution on behalf of his family, which has served EKU for 90 years. 

Engle’s grandfather, Fred Allen Engle Sr., came to the university in 1928. The Engle family has served as members of the faculty teaching mathematics, education, commerce, economics, business law, human resources and English. 

 “When my grandfather came here in 1928, Eastern was ‘Normal’,” joked Engle. “It has not been ‘Normal’ since the Engles showed up.” 

“I understand some of the responsibilities and pressures and difficulties that the Board of Regents,  and its members, staff and faculty have dealt with in these not so normal times,” Engle said. 

“When I first started teaching down in the mountains, I met people who... knew my grandfather. What they told me was not the models or the theories or the textbooks that he taught them, but looking back 30, 40 or 50 years was that he would try to help them,” said Engle. “There was story, after story, after story about how he got people jobs or he got them something else,”  

“What I learned from my father was dependability,” Engle said. 

“I thank you for this honor and my family thanks you for this honor,” concluded Engle. 

The resolution was passed with a unanimous vote.  

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