What to know for the upcoming SGA Elections

The Student Government Association will be conducting Spring 2021 elections for both the senate and executive slate on March 23. Polls will be open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Before students are eligible to run in the election, they must complete their nomination packet, which is due by 5 p.m. on March 5. Students are not allowed to begin campaigning until their candidacy has been approved by the SGA advisory board.

Even if students are not currently a part of SGA, they can still run for a position; however, there are some restrictions.

Students are required to maintain a 2.5 GPA to run for any position; however, they must have 45 credit hours of coursework completed if they wish to run for the executive slate. 

Within the executive slate, students are eligible to run for student body president, executive vice president and the student activities council (SAC) vice president. Those hoping to run for student body president must run on the same ballot with their chosen executive vice president.

Each executive team must acquire 500 signatures from students nominating their team for the executive slate. The SAC vice president position requires only 250 signatures. 

These signatures are collected via Google Forms, and all signatures are due by March 5.

In addition, those who obtain the student body president position will have their tuition paid in-full and will receive a $700 stipend per semester. The executive vice president and SAC vice president will have two-thirds of their tuition covered and will also receive a $700 stipend.

Within the student senate, students are eligible to run for senator-at-large and college representative positions as well as student senate committees.

Senator-at-large positions allow students to represent a specific student population on campus. College representative positions allow students to represent a specific college in EKU, such as the College of Business and Technology. 

Students are eligible to run for the following committees: Student Rights and Campus Climate Committee, Residential Affairs Committee, Information and Technology Committee, Academic Affairs Committee, and the Registered Student Organizations (RSO) Committee. 

Students who wish to vote in the election must go to EKU Direct to cast their vote.

“Students will have all day to do it [vote],” said RSO Committee Chair Caleb Burchett. “Students can also do a write-in, so if they don’t make it to the informational meetings, which are required, they can write in their name.”

Students may only do write-ins if they are running for the senate, and they must receive 15 write-ins from other students before they can win a senate seat.

Members of SGA are excited to see what this year’s elections will hold.

“I always get super excited to see new names on the ballot,” said Jenna Smith, Committee on Committees chair. “For me, it’s always been about getting more student involvement. Just being in SGA for as long as I have, I know just how incredible it is and how many opportunities it’s given me.” 

Burchett is also excited to see new students running.

“As a senior, it’s exciting to see who you’re leaving this organization behind to—who’s going to take over your legacy,” said Burchett. 

SGA will be holding their executive debate on March 16 and their senate debate on March 18. These debates will be held in a town-hall style and are open to the public. Students who attend will have the opportunity to ask the candidates questions about any topic.

If you are interested in learning more about SGA, you can visit their Instagram and Twitter page @eku_sga or their Engage page at studentlife.eku.edu.

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