Traveling evangelist John McGlone (left) preaches his interpretation of scripture to students next to Keen Johnson on April 23. McGlone, who was accompanied by two other preachers from separate ministries on Tuesday, tours college campuses regularly and has sued universities for policies that restrict his speech. More on Page 3.

Keen Johnson Plaza was alive with student protesters on Tuesday as a group of preachers carrying signs and shouting biblical phrases held a demonstration.

John McGlone, preacher and leader of Jesus Preacher Ministries, confronted the crowd of shouting students with fellow evangelists Jeff Mullen of Missouri and Zachery Humphries of Public Proclaimer Ministries. 

“We love people. We don’t want them to go to hell,” McGlone said.“Most of the people on this campus are not Christians even though some of them profess to be Christians. Very few actually believe what the Bible teaches, so we come out here. We start quoting Bible verses and calling sinners to repent, then people get upset.”



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