One of many merchandise booths set up outside of Alumni Coliseum. Vendors are selling hats, buttons, t-shirts, coins and flags just to name a few items. 

10:45am – Clinton Banard, 48, of Washington D.C. has followed President Trump’s campaign since 2015 selling merchandise. Three years later, Banard and other vendors are selling merchandise in front of Roy Kidd Stadium for the rally today in Richmond at 7 p.m.

“I started a year before he won. I make money. I really like what he’s doing. I think it’s amazing how the economy has taken off since he’s been in office,” Banard said.

Banard, who has a master’s degree in political science and American government, says he previously worked in Washington D.C. and for USA Today in the life section for six years

“I travel all over America, and it’s amazing how I see hiring signs all over America again. I haven’t seen this since the early 80’s since I was in high school. I haven’t seen this since Reagan was in office,” Banard said. “I must say this is the very first time of the years that I’ve been in politics, that a politician on the local or national level that did what he or she said they was going to do. What I like about him is his business mind. I’m most amazed by the way he has cut the taxes and the economy has taken off.”

Banard did not want to appear on video or have his picture taken.

A man who calls himself Frado, from South Carolina, is also selling Trump hats, buttons and shirts outside of Alumni Coliseum.

Frado says he has only missed two Trump rallies since the president’s election- in Cincinnati and Minnesota - and has traveled over 5,000 miles following the campaign.

“Bottom line is, I make a pretty good dollar, get exercise and meet nice people, except for protestors. Yeah, protestors can’t stand me,” Frado said.

Frado says that the Trump rally is important. “A lot of people don’t get to see him; they don’t get to go to the rallies.  Some people don’t even get to go inside to the rally, so this is great for them,” Frado said.

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