UPDATE: The EKU facilities management staff, along with staff of Richmond Utilities, stopped the leak in the water main with a pipe clamp by 11:15 p.m. on August 18. The hole in the street caused by the break remains to be repaired, but the crew located the break itself and repaired it. Bryan Makinen, EKU's associate vice president of public safety and facilities management, commended the crew that helped repair the break: "These guys were headed back to their families when we called, this took them away from family dinners, and they came back without ifs, ands, or buts. . . they are a credit to EKU," Makinen said.

After the crew had repaired the first break they found, they excavated further down the pipe to ascertain that there was only one break nearby. "We confirmed that there was only one break," said Makinen.


On August 18, a water main break occurred near the intersection of Lancaster Ave. and University Drive. The water main, which serves Eastern Kentucky University’s campus and surrounding areas, burst at approximately 7 p.m. Thursday evening. The cause of the break has yet to be determined, but EKU public safety work crews and Richmond utilities are working collaboratively to find the cause.

EKU Associate Vice President of Public Safety Bryan Makinen stated that the crews will continue working until the water main is repaired. Fire hydrants on Lancaster Ave and in the Jones lot have also been opened to release pressure from the main.

“We are collectively digging in, quite literally, to determine the source of the leak so that it can be repaired tonight,” said Makinen.

The affected buildings, listed here, have been placed under a boil water advisory as of 8:51 p.m: Blanton, Burrier, Cammack, Campbell, Foster, Jones, Coates, Memorial Science, and Roark.

These buildings will remain under a boil water advisory until the water main can be flushed and the water tested and declared free of contaminants.

Makinen does not expect any of EKU’s residence halls to be affected by the break.

According to maintenance crews in the area, more digging will occur this evening on University Drive near Walters Hall in relation to the break.

Students and members of the local community should be advised of heavy traffic and the presence of work crews in these areas. Once repaired, the dig sites will be patched with gravel until asphalt crews can reseal the roadway next week.

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