Students moved from Keene Hall due to renovations

Students at Eastern Kentucky University have been moved from Keene Hall for the spring semester due to renovations and repairs. This decision was made due to Keene having HVAC problems. 

Robert Brown, executive director for Housing & Residence Life, said the housing department tried easing the process as much as possible while also making sure students weren’t put in a bad position.

“It was an inconvenience that we tried to ease as much as possible. We had run into some HVAC issues with Keene, and we felt like it was in our best interest for the students to move across campus because we had the space, and that way, we could guarantee that students weren’t put into a situation where they would be inconvenienced with some heat, especially in this weather,” Brown said.

Brown stated that about 170 students were relocated, and most of the process happened before the students came back to campus for the spring semester.

“We provided university- assisted moving. So, we provided boxes that students wanted so they could package up most of their room comfortably. The type of stuff they wouldn’t need for class or at least right away and we would move them and take care of it for them,” Brown said.

All the students in Keene got to keep their preference of having private rooms, as housing let them choose a space on campus provided that they were available. They were not charged extra for the new room.

“The students in Keene have all had a private room this year, and that’s what they wanted. A lot of them wanted to go to Clay and Walters and the traditional side of Burnam. Wherever they ended up, the rate they got charged for the spring semester is the Keene rate,” Brown said.

One of the complicated parts was making sure a student's belongings arrived at their room the same time they did to avoid complications.

“The thing we had to make sure of and coordinate was, if a student packed anything for assisted moving, that we coordinate when you move over to your room and when your stuff would get there,” Brown said.

Brown said there were three days set up for the moving process; however, it only took two days to complete due to action being taken before the semester started. Keene will more than likely be offline next semester as well due to renovations including HVAC, electricity and new bathrooms.

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