The Kentucky Sixth District Veterans Coalition is hosting an Outreach Meeting on Tuesday in Madison County.

Congressman Andy Barr, R-KY6, is extending an invitation to all members of the Kentucky Sixth District Veterans Coalition who reside in Madison County and the surrounding counties. The meeting is set for 6-7 p.m. on the Feb. 12 at the Jesse M. Dykes American Legion Hall Post 12, 550 South Keeneland Dr. Richmond.

According to a release, this is a meeting with the Congressman's staff and Barr will not be in attendance. Congressman Barr's National Security Fellow, Matthew Bradford, will be leading the meeting.

"This meeting will provide information on legislative actions that focus on veteran and defense matters," said Jodi Whitaker, communications director for Congressman Barr. "If you are having an issue with federal bureaucracy, there will be time at this meeting to address your concerns individually with a member of the Congressman's casework team."

The release notes the coalition by design is made up of a diverse group which includes people from many different professions.

"It is not the intent of this coalition to offend its members but instead to join together as family with a common goal," the release states. "With this being said, the professionalism in which we served our nation should not end with our service but should carry forth in our interactions with each other."

Coalition members are welcome to invite other who they feel would be interested in attending.

For additional information regarding future meetings and current legislative actions, visit the Kentucky Sixth District Veterans Coalition Facebook page, @KY06VetsCoalition. For questions, contact Matthew Bradford at 859-219-1366 or by email at

Jonathan Greene is the editor of The Register; follow him on Twitter @jgreeneRR.

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