Eastern Kentucky University released information regarding the logistics of President Donald Trump's rally visit Saturday.

According to the university, which was indicated by the Trump campaign, those wanting to attend the rally will need a ticket to get in for general admittance to Alumni Coliseum.

But those who have received a ticket from https://www.donaldjtrump.com/rallies doesn't guarantee admission into the building. Those who have obtained their ticket online will be allowed to enter the waiting area in Alumni Coliseum lot starting at 8 a.m. on Saturday, despite doors opening at 4 p.m. and the event starting at 7.

All attendees will be subject to a security screening upon arrival, and there is a long list of items event-goers should plan to leave behind before heading out on Saturday.

No signs, weapons of any kind, fireworks, backpacks, laser pointers, selfie sticks, paint, e-cigarettes, confetti and glitter. A full list of the prohibited items can be found online at www.eku.edu/rally.

Many have been wondering what items they can bring with them for the wait before doors open. Attendees can bring umbrellas, small coolers and folding chairs with them, but the items are not allowed inside Alumni Coliseum. The items will have to be left in the parking lot at the owner's risk.

Regarding parking, attendees will have to park off-site and walk to Alumni Coliseum. There will be no parking, even overnight, at the Coliseum. Public parking will be available in the following lots:

Lancaster, Parking Garage, Brockton, Dizney, Hanlon, VanHoose/Fitness and Wellness, Vickers, Ashland, Carter, Business and Technology Center, Center for the Arts, Stratton, Perkins/Lower Perkins and Big E Lot.

Those wanting to protest are allowed to, so long as it isn't in any of the restricted areas listed on the map at www.eku.edu/rally. Those areas include the wide swath of area from Roy and Sue Kidd Way, along Kit Carson Drive and Park Drive to Lancaster Avenue.

All indoor spaces, areas and buildings within athletic facilities, intramural fields and other rec areas, amphitheaters, parking lots and structures and residential areas on campus must be reserved in order to be used for demonstrations. Those wishing to exercise their First Amendment right must not be in the streets or sidewalks of restricted areas, and speech involving the use of tables, stationary displays, or the exhibition of images, or the amplification of sound is limited to areas designated by Conferencing and Events and requires a prior reservation.

EKU wants to remind all attendees that the campus is a tobacco and vape free campus. With heavy traffic expected from 6 a.m. to around midnight, those not attending the rally or demonstrations are advised to stay away from the area. Students planning to leave for fall break are encouraged to plan a Friday departure if possible.

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