EDITOR'S NOTE: Due to the sensitivity and ages of those involved in the case, The Register will refer to the children as Victim 1, Victim 2, and so forth.

Richmond police arrested two men and a woman on abuse and sexual abuse charges involving children younger than 12 after one of the children said they didn't feel safe around one of the men because he sexually abuses the child.

On Tuesday, three children were interviewed, and one of them (Victim 1) said they never feel safe around CV Rose Jr., Race Street, Richmond, because he sexually abuses Victim 1, according to Rose's citation.

CV Rose

CV Rose

Victim 1 said the abuse started when they were about 9 years old, and that it occurred daily since then, the citation states. Victim 1 said Rose often went into their bedroom while Valerie Spivey, 32, Race Street, Richmond, is asleep, to abuse them and that it sometimes happened during the daytime, too.

Victim 1 said Rose would put his hand between Victim 1's legs, rub Victim 1 inappropriately, touch himself in front of Victim 1, make Victim 1 touch him, lay on top of Victim 1 and sometimes would try to have sex with Victim 1, the citation states. Victim 1 said Rose grabs Victim 1's butt all the time.

Spivey, who is married to Rose, said she has seen Rose grab Victim 1 inappropriately about 30-40 times, according to his citation. However, Spivey told police she didn't want to believe it and didn't want her husband to get in trouble. She said she also never said anything to Rose about it.

Valerie Spivey

Valerie Spivey

Spivey told police she got jealous of Victim 1 because Victim 1 "was getting all of the attention from her husband," her citation states. She said there was a time when Rose walked to the kitchen to get something to drink, but when she went to see where he was, she found him standing at the foot of Victim 1's bed.

Spivey accused Rose of sexually abusing Victim 1, the two got into an argument, and Spivey left the residence, leaving Rose alone with three children, including Victim 1, her citation states.

Victim 1 said Rose would threaten to take things away from Victim 1 or not buy Victim 1 things if they didn't do what he asked of them or if they told anyone what happened, Rose's citation states. Victim 1 also said Rose tried to force Victim 1 to perform oral sex and to force Victim 1 to kiss Rose on his lips. Victim 1 said Rose also showed the child pictures of Spivey performing oral sex.

Victim 1 said that sometimes when they got out of the shower, they noticed Rose's phone under or over the door taking pictures of the child, his citation states. When police talked with Rose about the pictures, which officers found on his phone, he said his finger accidentally hit the button.

Victim 1 said they always try to fight and squirm to get away from him, but Rose said he would sometimes tickle them, but that he is not doing anything wrong, his citation states. He admitted to tickling Victim 1's stomach and pelvic area, and sometimes he has touched Victim 1's genitals "by accident" while tickling the child. He also admitted to smacking and grabbing Victim 1's butt.

When asked if he thought Victim 1 was lying, he wouldn't say that Victim 1 was lying, only that "'I do not know where (they) got that from,' or 'I do not know why (they) would say that,'" the citation reads. He said if anything ever happened, it was an accident.

During the interview with the children, another one of them (Victim 2) said Rose would spank them with his hand and belt, Rose's citation continues. Victim 2 said Rose would usually hit their butt, but sometimes misses and hits their legs, causing marks and bruises. Victim 2 had a mark on their leg during the interview that they said was from Rose hitting them with a belt.

When officers spoke with Spivey, she said she also spoke with another family member, who agreed they thought Rose was abusing the children, her citation states.

Brandon Sparks

Brandon Sparks

Spivey told police that she didn't go to police because she didn't want Rose to get in trouble, the citation states. Additionally, Spivey said she had suspicions of Rose's brother, Brandon Sparks, 27, Race Street, Richmond, sexually abusing Victim 2 and the third child who was interviewed Tuesday (Victim 3).

According to Sparks' citation, Victim 3 said they were scared of Sparks "'because he touches me.'"

Police asked Victim 3 where Sparks had touched them, and they pointed toward their genitals, the citation states.

Victim 3 had previously said Sparks touched them inappropriately, but he wasn't charged. Instead, a prevention plan was put in place stating he wasn't allowed near the children alone, but Spivey said she never followed it.

Spivey said that after it was put in place, she went into Victim 2's bedroom where the child was alone with Sparks, her citation states. She said she noticed Sparks pulling his pants and zipping them.

Spivey said at a different time, she found a used condom under Victim 2's bed, her citation states. She said she believed it came out of a trash bag she was carrying somehow and fell under Victim 2's bed.

Sparks initially denied having any sexual contact with any of the children involved in the case, the citation states. However, after more discussion, Sparks said he wanted to apologize to Victim 3.

After police asked him what he would like to apologize to the child for, Sparks said he would say he was sorry for touching Victim 3, the citation states.

He eventually went into more detail about the incident; however, he "did not admit to any further sexual contact with any of the children involved in the case," the citation states.

Rose, Spivey and Sparks were taken to the Madison County Detention Center, where all three remained Thursday afternoon, according to online jail records.

Rose is charged with first-degree attempted rape (victim younger than 12), first-degree sexual abuse (victim younger than 12), first-degree criminal abuse (victim younger than 12), fourth degree assault (domestic violence), use of a minor (younger than 16) in a sexual performance and attempted incest (victim younger than 12).

Spivey is charged with first-degree criminal abuse (child younger than 12).

Sparks is charged with first-degree sexual abuse (victim younger than 12).

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