Richmond police arrested a brother and sister for trafficking drugs after officers noticed a vehicle with darkly tinted head lamps at the gas pumps of the Merrick Speedway early Tuesday morning.

The vehicle left the parking lot of Speedway, and officers pulled it over on the Robert R. Martin Bypass, according to a citation.

Officers approached the vehicle, and 35-year-old Roger Ingram, was driving it, the citation states. His sister, Mary Gross, both of Indianapolis, was the front passenger. Both said they were visiting family in town and were just out looking for food.

Officers asked to search the vehicle, and Ingram agreed, the citation states, but he became nervous.

Under the second-row bench seat, officers found a prescription pill bottle with no script sticker on it that contained 92 pills identified as acetaminophen/hydrocodone bitartrate, the citation states. Ingram said he didn't know about the pills and didn't know what hydrocodone is.

Gross was then detained and placed in a police car. Officers asked Ingram if the pills were his sister's, and Ingram said they weren't his, but he wasn't going to rat on his sister. Ingram then said Gross uses hydrocodone every day and that he knows what hydrocodone is, according to the citation.

Gross told police, however, she doesn't take any prescription medication and didn't know about the pills, either, the citation states. Officers searched her purse and found two punch cards for a pharmacy in Indiana, and she had nine punches already for a discounted prescription, along with a business card for pain management.

Both Gross and Ingram were taken to the Madison County Detention Center, where they remained Tuesday afternoon, according to online jail records.

Ingram is charged with vehicle head lamp/tail light color violations, no operator's license (mo-ped), failure of non-owner operator to maintain required insurance and first-degree controlled substance trafficking (10 dosage units or greater, drug unspecified). Gross is charged with first-degree controlled substance trafficking (10 dosage units or greater, drug unspecified).

• • •

Richmond police arrested John McKeehan, 25, Muddy Creek Road, on a Madison County warrant early Tuesday morning that charges him with fourth-degree assault, violation of a Kentucky emergency protective order, harassment, third-degree criminal mischief, second-degree criminal mischief and second-degree unlawful imprisonment.

According to the warrant, between Dec. 19 and Dec. 25, McKeehan was in an argument with another person, and he grabbed the other person by their arms and drug them off a couch. He then head-butted the victim and grabbed and squeezed their head by the temples. At that time, McKeehan was under a no violent contact EPO.

In addition, McKeehan followed the victim from Richmond to Berea and then from Berea to Richmond and would show himself following them in an attempt to alarm them, the warrant states. He then took the victim to the woods and threatened them. The victim tried to leave the vehicle twice, and both times, McKeehan wouldn't allow them to leave and grabbed their arm, pulling them back in.

Additionally, McKeehan destroyed the victim's property, according to the warrant. In one instance, he entered the victim's closet, took out their clothes and ripped them to the point where they were destroyed. The estimated value of the destroyed clothes is $200. McKeehan also broke two cellphones belonging to the victim. Both were the iPhone 6, each valued at $500.

McKeehan was arrested at the intersection of Foxhaven and Northgate drives and was taken to the MCDC, where he remained Tuesday afternoon, according to online jail records.

• • •

Richmond police arrested Donald Vanwinkle (no image available), 50, Becky Drive, for public intoxication by a controlled substance (excludes alcohol), resisting arrest, menacing, second-degree disorderly conduct and first-degree controlled substance possession (methamphetamine) after officers were called to East Main Street and Orchard Street, where an off-duty RPD officer was with Vanwinkle, who was allegedly intoxicated, Monday evening.

The off-duty officer told police Vanwinkle was under the influence of a controlled substance, according to a citation. More officers arrived and attempted to detain Vanwinkle, but he was being combative, resisting arrest. Vanwinkle said he was going to and attempted to bite one of the officers.

Vanwinkle was taken to the ground and was detained, the citation states. Officers searched him and found a crystal-like substance suspected to be methamphetamine in his pocket.

He also continued to be belligerent during the encounter, according to the citation. He was taken to the MCDC, where he remained Tuesday afternoon, according to online jail records. He was also arrested on two warrants for failure to appear.

• • •

Berea police arrested Christopher Whitt, 36, Calico Road, Berea, for resisting arrest, first-degree controlled substance possession (drug unspecified), buying/possessing drug paraphernalia and second-degree fleeing or evading police (on foot) Sunday morning after officers who were on patrol noticed several parked cars in front of closed businesses on Clay Drive.

Officers then saw Whitt exit a closed business and get into a vehicle, according to a citation. Officers approached Whitt, and he said he was playing poker in a room in the back of one of the businesses.

Police learned Whitt was wanted on three warrants for failure to appear and went to arrest him, but he pulled away and fled a short distance before he was tackled. He continued to resist arrest while he was on the ground, the citation states.

Officers were able to put hand cuffs on him eventually and searched him, the citation states. Police found a canister that contained half a percocet pill and a plastic straw with pill residue inside of it.

Whitt was taken to the MCDC, where he remained Tuesday afternoon, according to online jail records.

• • •

Berea police arrested Darrin Pulliam, 28, McDaniel Dr., Richmond, for first-degree controlled substance possession (methamphetamine) after officers pulled over a vehicle that had a license plate that wasn't illuminated Monday evening.

Officers then spoke with Pulliam, who as a passenger in the vehicle, after they saw him reach down into the front of his waistband, according to a citation. Officers asked him to step out of the vehicle, and he gave police permission to search him.

Officers then allowed Pulliam to go back into the vehicle and called for a police dog, the citation states. After calling for the dog, police detained Pulliam and put him in the back of a police car.

The dog gave a positive alert between the front passenger door and front fender, and officers searched the vehicle. After the search, officers asked Pulliam to exit the police car, and they searched him again. While they were searching him, they also removed the rear seat of the police car and found a syringe and baggie contained about 2 grams of suspected crystal methamphetamine, the citation states.

Pulliam was taken to the MCDC, where he remained Tuesday afternoon, according to online jail records.

• • •

Kentucky State Police arrested Dewayne Singleton for no operator license (autocycle) and receiving stolen property (less than $10,000), along with Michael Glorioso for receiving stolen property (less than $10,000), Tuesday morning after troopers saw a vehicle that was reported as stolen on Bowman Road.

Troopers spoke with Singleton at the front door of a residence, and he said he didn't know the car was stolen, according to a citation. He said Glorioso had left the car there, the citation states.

However, Singleton had been operating the vehicle without a license, the citation states.

Troopers then searched the residence and found Glorioso in the back bedroom closet, according to the citation. He said he had heard the car was reported as stolen, and he said he tried to call a sheriff in Ohio to confirm if it was true.

Both Singleton and Glorioso were taken to the MCDC, where they remained Tuesday afternoon, according to online jail records. Singleton was also arrested on three warrants for failure to appear.

The Register collects and publishes police reports as a public service to its readers. The reports often contain allegations against individuals and do not mean the individuals actually committed a crime. All people named in connection with a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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