Richmond Police officers arrested 29-year-old Devon Gerald late Thursday night on multiple charges after he attempted to flee from police.

Officers were called to a location on N. 2nd Street in Richmond in reference to a drug complaint. The complainant said numerous individuals were at the rear of a residence cutting up a powdery substance with a credit card on a blue truck. When officers arrived, they asked Gerald, of South Killarney Lane, Richmond, for consent to search the vehicle, according to a citation.

While Gerald consented to a search, he refused to step out of the vehicle when asked by officers and instead, began pulling items out of his pockets. Police told him to stop, but he continued. Officers observed a hypodermic needle in Gerald's right hand and commanded he put it down and show them his hands, the citation continued.

Gerald continued digging in his pockets, prompting police to pull their service weapon from its holster, pointing it at the ground. Gerald showed officers his hands, but when police attempted to detain him, he jerked away and attempted to flee on foot. Officers were able to grab Gerald and took him to the ground using a leg sweep, the citation noted.

While on the ground, Gerald continued trying to reach into his pockets. Located next to Gerald in a plastic bag was a .10 grams of suspected methamphetamine, to which Gerald denied was his.

Gerald was booked into the Madison County Detention Center, where he remained Friday afternoon. He is charged with second-degree fleeing or evading police (on foot), resisting arrest, first-degree controlled substance possession (methamphetamine) and drug paraphernalia possession.

Others arrested include:

• Ryan Clark, 28, Keystone Drive, Richmond, first-degree controlled substance possession (heroin).

• Anthony Bell, 28, Casey Circle, Richmond, first-degree controlled substance possession (methamphetamine).

• Felisha Centers, 32, Spurlin Trailer Court, Richmond, controlled substance prescription not in proper container.

• Cole Hammond, 34, Somerset, first-degree controlled substance possession (methamphetamine) and drug paraphernalia possession.

• Jonathan Core, 45, Norwood Drive, Richmond, first-degree controlled substance possession (heroin) and tampering with physical evidence.

• Mitzi Williams, 54, Milliron Road, Richmond, failure to illuminate headlamps, failure to produce insurance card, operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol/drugs (aggravated circumstances), open alcoholic beverage container in vehicle possession, marijuana possession, drug paraphernalia possession, and failure to notify address change.

The Register collects and publishes police reports as a public service to its readers. The reports often contain allegations against individuals and do not mean the individuals actually committed a crime. All people named in connection with a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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