Richmond police arrested Jerry Bingham, 39, McKee, for first-degree controlled substance possession (methamphetamine), buying/possessing drug paraphernalia and marijuana possession after officers were called to a location on Berea Road, where it was reported he was passed out in his vehicle.

Officers arrived and saw the vehicle parked across several parking spots in front of a gas station, according to a citation. Madison County EMS were also called to examine Bingham, who EMS woke up.

Bingham said he was just sleeping, denied using drugs and refused treatment from EMS, the citation states.

Officers requested to search the vehicle, and Bingham agreed, the citation states. Inside the center console, they found a glass pipe, cut straw and a baggie containing crystal methamphetamine. They also found marijuana in an old pill bottle inside a bag, along with a few blunts and rolling papers.

Bingham admitted to having the marijuana, but he said he didn’t know about the methamphetamine, the citation states. However, he said he has been using methamphetamine for about six months.

Bingham was taken to the Madison County Detention Center and was released Monday evening, according to online jail records.

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Richmond police arrested Ashlee Burgin, 30, address unknown, Richmond, for public intoxication by a controlled substance (excludes alcohol) and third-degree controlled substance possession (drug unspecified) Saturday afternoon after officers were called to the parking lot of Advanced Auto, where it was reported she was passed out in the driver seat of a vehicle.

When officers arrived, they found her passed out in the driver seat, drooling on herself, according to a citation. They tried to wake her up by beating on the window and yelling at her, and eventually she woke up.

Once awake, Burgin grabbed a small baggie that had several pills inside of it, the citation states. Officers later identified the pills as two diazepam tablets and three alprazolam tablets.

She also had slurred speech, an unsteady gait and constricted pupils, according to the citation. Burgin said she had taken Valium earlier in the day. Officers deemed Burgin a danger to herself and others due to her level of intoxication and access to a vehicle, the citation noted.

Burgin was taken to the MCDC, where she was released Sunday evening, according to online jail records.

The Register collects and publishes police reports as a public service to its readers. The reports often contain allegations against individuals and do not mean the individuals actually committed a crime. All people named in connection with a crime are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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