When first-time parents Jerrod Foley and Madison McDaniel took their two-month-old Jaidyn to the cardiologist after her checkup, they expected to hear that the heart murmur doctors had previously detected was a common defect that she would grow out of, but what they were told was much different.

Instead, they found out that Jaidyn has a congenital heart disease consisting of six separate heart defects with the right side of her heart being too large, incurring severe pressure. Because of this, the left side of her heart is too small, and barely functioning.

Ever since young Jaidyn's diagnosis, the family has been admitted to the University of Kentucky Pediatric Intensive Care Unit and has been in and out ever since.

Both specialists from UK and Cincinnati Children's Hospital have been working together to help treat Jaidyn, and have since determined a step-by-step process to her condition is the best option considering her age and fragility.

Jaidyn has already pulled through one open heart surgery, which mother Madison McDaniel said is just a "chip in the iceberg on the road to repair her heart."

"After seeing her pull through the way she has, we can officially say step one is behind us," Madison said in a Facebook update. "The doctors have been super optimistic hoping for the chance that maybe everything else will fall into place on its own, which would be truly incredible. I have literally never been so proud of someone in my entire life. She is so much tougher than her daddy and I have ever thought about being. We're confident that she is going to be just fine now."

But like any other family enduring any sort of medical treatments, it is not only mentally exhausting, but financially as well.

So when McDaniel's father, Richmond Commissioner Ed McDaniel, reached out to his friends Marty Sewell and Rick Johnson about doing a fundraiser to help out, they were all in.

Since then, the group has organized a family benefit and fundraiser -- set for Sunday, August 18 -- which will include a silent auction, dessert auction, food, and live music.

Rick Johnson, co-owner of the Chuck Wagon food truck and family friend of the McDaniel's, will be serving pork chops and burgers at the event, free of charge, with the request of a donation to the family.

He also has sold raffle tickets for a Desert Eagle .45 pistol, which has already raised over $2,000 for the family.

Also, several businesses have made donations to the silent auction, and have raised money through selling bracelets which read, "#JaidynStrong." Johnson reported that with those sales, they have raised about $700.

In addition to this, people have also sold t-shirts and decals, with the same hashtag, in efforts to raise money. Several local businesses have also rallied behind Jaidyn donating some of their profits to the family of three.

Jaidyn has received a roller coaster of updates, but she was discharged from the hospital and is home now with her family. And while McDaniel said baby Jaidyn definitely has more surgeries in her future, doctors are confident that she will be able to avoid having surgery between 4 to 6-months-old.

The family benefit event will be held Sunday, Aug. 18 from 2- 5 p.m. at the Jesse M. Dykes American Legion Post 12 located at 550 S. Keeneland Drive in Richmond.

Performers include Tim Williams, Eric Botsford, Frank Conrad, Dylan O'Donnell, Derek Isaacs, Jordan Allen and The Bellwether's, Steve Dooley, Don Brandenburg and Ricky Fritz.

For more information about the event, or to purchase a bracelet or decal, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/ 388666748429625/.


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