Student Government Association’s diversity committee will be hosting an inclusion panel at 7 p.m. in the O’Donnell Auditorium in Whitlock on Feb. 12.

Free t-shirts will be given away at the event. The diversity committee will have approximately 100 to 150 shirts to distribute, said Eyouel Mekonnen, SGA’s director of diversity and an international student from Ethiopia. Mekonnen said the panel is, “An event where people who don’t get challenged, get challenged.” Mekonnen explained that challenging individuals is simply meant to help individuals overcome the personal biases they may have.

The panel will,“shed light on a different perspective, or shed light on an issue that they might not realize is an issue,” Mekonnen said.

The overall theme of the panel is inclusion. Topics that will be discussed will include race, sexuality and much more.

As of Tuesday night, three panelists have agreed to participate in the event. Ashley Offutt, associate director of diverse student retention; SocorroZaragoza, an associate professor in the Department of Languages, Cultures and Humanities and John Bowes, chair of the Department of History, Philosophy and Religious Studies.

Mekonnen said that these panelists were chosen because of their passion for diversity and the part they play in creating an inclusive campus.

The event is expected to last about an hour and a half. Half an hour will be devoted to an introduction by the student body president, a performance by a surprise registered student organization and a closing address by President Michael Benson.


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