SGA Spring ‘21 Elections: What you need to know

The Eastern Kentucky University Student Government Association election will be conducted on Tuesday, March 23. Students can vote by going to EKUDirect. 

The Eastern Kentucky University Student Government Association’s spring 2021 election will take place on Tuesday, March 23.

Jacob Wever is running for vice president of the student archives council. Wever plans to keep the current SGA traditions such as the corn roast and the spring concert along with creating new traditions, such as a bonfire, to allow students to become more involved on campus.

Jenna Grace Smith is running for student body president, along with her running mate, Kennedy Nguyen. Smith and Nguyen’s campaign is focused on equity, inclusion, diversity and sustainability.

Also running for student body president is Les Mackey, with running mate Haysley Kelty as his vice president. Mackey and Kelty’s campaign focused on allowing every student on campus to be aware of SGA and that they are involved and welcomed at EKU.

The executive positions are not the only positions listed on the ballot. Heidi Robbins, Tori Williams, Taylor Hoffman, Jordan Murphy, Makenna Lambert, Grant Bishop, Morrigan Hansen, Kayla Dunaway, Amanda Simpson, Chelsea Collinsworth, Abbie Supe, Emma Nienaber, Richard Andrew Hart, Shashauna Boles, Peyton Holmes, Jenna Johnson, Houston Abbott, Holly Miller and Ty Hendricks are all running for senate seats.

Senate seats are determined by how many students are enrolled at EKU. For every 500 students, there is one senate member to represent them.

“We based it on this past year’s enrollment. In the fall, the numbers could increase or decrease depending on enrollment, but right now, there are 31 senate seats,” said SGA Executive Vice President Nicholas Koenig.

One way that students can become involved with SGA and the election is by voting. Students can vote for the candidates on the ballot but are also able to have three write-in candidates.

“Each student can have three write-ins, and those write-ins need at least 12 votes to make it onto the ballot on election day,” said SGA Election Committee Chair Caleb Burchett said.

Burchett also talked about why students should vote in the upcoming election.

“The student government here at SGA has a lot of power, influence, and represents you all the way up to the Board of Regents,” Burchett said. “You should take that opportunity to voice who you want to represent you and to have an influence on your campus.” 

The SGA spring 2021 election will take place on March 23, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. To vote, students will need to log onto their EKU Direct accounts.

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