SGA elections set for Sept. 8

As students are following rules and regulations this fall semester due to COVID-19, it is important to know how they can get involved in the decision-making process and represent their fellow students.

Riley Alexander, student court associate chief justice, spoke about the Student Government Association (SGA) and their role on campus as well as the elections taking place on Sept. 8.

“The Student Government Association is basically the students voice over anything official that EKU does,” Alexander said. 

SGA gives students a way to learn leadership and money management skills that they can take with them during and after their college career.

“For the people in SGA it gives them the opportunity to learn leadership skills and money management and just seeing how operations work in a college environment,” Alexander said.

Currently SGA has been dealing with issues involving COVID-19 and the rules students are required to follow. 

“Right now a lot of what we deal with is figuring out how the university and the student organizations are going to operate with COVID going on. They figure out what rules and regulations students are going to have to follow,” Alexander said.

Alexander explained being a representative for students is about letting everyone's voice be heard. 

“How does the leadership from the people who run the university transition and trickle down to how students operate? The big part of that is basically being the representatives for the students voice and official matters and making sure that official matters are trickling down and being conducted by the students as well just so that way it’s not a bunch of people bossing around enclosed students.” Alexander said.

The best way to get involved with SGA is through social media. It is the fastest way to keep up with elections and any other events the organization has planned.

Alexander said that Aug. 22 is the last day for people to announce that they are running.

Alexander said that everyone is welcome to join SGA.

“A lot of it is just reaching out to SGA because we are always looking for new people. We want to share the experience that all of us have gained with leading a university and leading the student body. The main thing is that we are looking for outgoing students who want to be a part of an organization that’s leading the student body,” Alexander said.

The SGA elections will take place on Sept. 8. Voting will be conducted on EKU Direct. Voting is important to let students voice be heard and to create the best representatives for the student body.

“We are voting on senators and this year's new student body president. Obviously it’s a little delayed due to COVID but it will be the same process,” Alexander said.

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