Several EKU construction projects underway

Several EKU construction projects are underway including the new EKU Bypass Pedway project. Construction on the new pedway will be completed in the summer of 2021.

Multiple construction projects are occurring at Eastern Kentucky University, upgrading campus appearance and convenience for students.

“The current updates underway around campus all share the goal to enhance the student experience in a variety of important ways,” said Brian Wilcox, associate vice president of facilities services and capital planning.

The lower level of the Keen Johnson Building will be receiving new glass windows and an updated space to be more student-oriented.

Printing Services will be transferred from the Coates Building to the lower level of the Keen Johnson Building. The new location will be great in the foot traffic of students walking to and from class as well as studying in the library. EKU Printing Services allows students and employees to produce high quality print and publication, graphic design, high-volume mail, digital imaging projects and copying. Construction will be completed in the fall of 2021. 

To better serve students, the information technology service desk is coming closer to the center of campus, to be located in the lower level of the Keen Johnson Building. Currently, the service desk is temporarily located in the upper level of the Powell Building to allow for other campus construction projects. The help desk allows information technology assistance at EKU. Construction will be completed in the summer of 2021.

“The new space at the lower level of Keen Johnson will be open and interactive with the goal of providing intentional service to students by bringing a highly engaging experience from the Information Technology Service Desk and Print Services functions to the center of campus,” Wilcox said.

As the information technology service desk vacates the second floor of the Combs Building, Recreation and Park Administration will be moving into the space from the Begley Building. EKU College of Health Science, Recreation and Park Administration is one of the longest accredited programs in the nation allowing students classroom and hands-on learning experience in the field. Construction will be completed in the summer of 2021.

The Workforce Pathway at Kit Carson Commons is a new innovative project planning to prepare Madison County job seekers for entry level and long-term career opportunities in industry, manufacturing, shipping and warehousing. The project is under construction on EKU’s campus but is operated by Kentucky River Foothills Development Council.

Workforce Pathway includes two large classrooms; a 100-person symposium room; a conference room; and rooms for resume preparation, job interview training, Zoom and Skype, and meeting with job counselors and prospective employers. The training program targets unemployed and underemployed workers striving to get better jobs. Construction will be completed in the summer of 2021.

Kit Carson Commons is a 30-housing facility prioritized for single parent veterans attending college full time. Both single-story apartments and two-story townhome-style units are available. The student veterans will be offered an array of services provided through the Eastern Kentucky University’s Office of Military and Veteran Affairs. Construction will be completed in the late summer of 2021, with the first occupants arriving in July.

OMNI has been awarded the new EKU Bypass Pedway project for EKU. The pedway will span over the bypass to provide a quick and safe pedestrian crossing, along with improved highway safety. Currently, construction work is occurring off-site to minimize disruption. The project will look similar in appearance to the pedway built on Lancaster Avenue and will be handicap accessible. The new pedway will be located in front of Alumni Coliseum. Construction will be completed in the summer of 2021.

“The pedway will ease pedestrian travel between north and south campus,” Wilcox said.

EKU is currently in the planning stages of new housing on campus, but there is nothing more to be said at the moment about this construction project.

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