Protesters line the Eastern Bypass Saturday evening.

Protesters are voicing their opinions across from Alumni Coliseum before the Donald Trump rally that is set for tonight.

They started to gather around 4 p.m. and marched in front of Keene residence hall.

One of the protesters, EKU alum from Lexington, Faith Evans, said, “this rally means to me that people need to see the focal opposition to what Trump represents to his views and what he is trying to do to this country. It’s also a freedom of expression. A lot of my friends didn’t want to come because they were afraid of their safety.”

Evan hopes that the outcome of this protest will show that “being a racist, white supremacist, is not a way.” She continued by saying, “This president is not our president. This president does not represent what we believe.”   

Evans and many of the protesters spread the message of the importance of voting.  

Tracy Powell-McCoy, 54, a retired teacher from Richmond and EKU alum, went to protest President Trump, and also to be there in support of 6th District Congressional Candidate Amy McGrath. Powell also attended the Joe Biden rally last night in Bath County.

“I went to the Biden rally yesterday, it was such a positive experience. Packed house, it was great,” said Powell.

Many of the protesters chanted against President Trump and Congressional candidate Andy Barr.

“I do wish people would pay attention to facts… I encourage people instead of reacting in a bad way, have you ever heard Amy McGrath speak… please research don’t just assume what you see on TV is true,” said Powell.

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