Left to right: Jennifer K. Perkins, news editor; Joe Steele, visuals editor; Emily Patrick, former features editor; Emma C. Garness, chief designer, Samantha Tamplin, current features editor; Zachery Combest, sports editor and Collin Overton, editor-in-chief show off awards earned at the 150th annual KPA Convention on Jan. 25.

The Russ Metz Memorial Most Valuable Member award is granted each year to Kentucky Press Association members who have performed the most outstanding service. At the 2019 KPA Convention at the Marriott East in Louisville, the award went to all Kentucky collegiate newspapers for being diligent and "raising hell" in their campus communities.

Eastern Progress Editor-In-Chief Collin Overton accepted the award on the paper's behalf.

"It's good to see KPA recognize student work," said Tricia Fulks Kelley, adviser to the Progress. "We can't turn a blind eye to what's happening at our higher ed institutions across the state. The students are the ones on the front lines serving as watchdogs for their campus communities."

In addition, the Progress took home four more awards for their work over the past year. They include:

  • First Place - Jennifer K. Perkins
    • Best Enterprise or Analytical Story
  • Second Place - Jennifer K. Perkins
    • Creative Use of Multimedia
  • Second Place – Collin Overton
    • Best General News Story
  • Second Place – Sarah Kelley
    • Best Column

Representing the Progress were Overton, Samantha Tamplin, features editor; Jennifer K. Perkins, news editor; Zachery Combest, sports editor; Joe Steele, visuals editor; Emma C. Garness, chief designer and Emily Patrick, former features editor.

Kelley and Deborah Givens, chair of the EKU Department of Communication, were also in attendance to represent the Progress.

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