Eastern Kentucky University interim president David McFaddin sent an email to students on June 1 about the recent tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minn. and where EKU stands on the situation.

“The university condemns acts of racism, discrimination, and hatred. Our nation witnessed the heartbreaking death of George Floyd in Minnesota, Breonna Taylor in Louisville and so many others. Our deepest condolences go out to their families, friends and communities,” the email stated.

EKU is supporting peaceful protestors, as well as understanding the injustices and unfair treatment of the black community.

“We strongly support those who are peacefully voicing their disdain for brutality and the unfair treatment of the black community,” the email stated. 

The email explained that one step everyone can do is welcome each other as well as make a habit of empathy.

“One simple step that all of us can immediately take is to embrace and practice kindness and compassion. Being kind to each other is a hallmark of the EKU experience,” McFaddin said. 

As a university, EKU also has the power to teach about the subject. According to the email, one of EKU’s main goals is to integrate a learning experience for every student.

“Along with acts of kindness, we also possess the power to educate. At EKU, we strive to create a holistic educational experience for every student,” McFaddin said. 

EKU focuses on many aspects, including creating well rounded students that are enlightened on multiple levels according to the email.

“We focus on rigorous program study, but we also focus on many other aspects of education and growth that will create a well-rounded citizen who is informed on multiple levels, including recognition of cultural differences and exposure to people with diverse backgrounds,” McFaddin said. 

According to the email, EKU has several groups still working on plans for the fall semester regarding COVID-19. 

“We already have several groups working on plans surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic to define the ‘new normal’ for EKU. As the school of opportunity, we must seize this moment to make positive, meaningful changes to how we learn, work, and live together,” said McFaddin.

According to the email, EKU calls for everyone to come together and share kindness and compassion while in these uncertain times.

“EKU’s students, faculty, staff and alumni must pull together and share an umbrella of kindness, compassion and love to weather the storms we face in these unprecedented times,” said McFaddin. 

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