Eastern Kentucky University received donations from 748 donors during the first ever Give BigE Day on April 24.

Give BigE Day was a 24-hour online challenge to increase giving participation among the entire Eastern Kentucky University community. EKU had a goal of 424 donors because yesterday was April 24. Eastern quickly surpassed that goal and the new goal was set at 521 becauseEKU’s official address is 521 Lancaster Avenue. President Michael Benson announced on Twitter that Colonel Nation didn’t take long to reach that goal as they did it in 60 minutes.

By the end of Giving BigE Day, 748 donors had more than “super-stretched” the goal of 730 because EKU’s retention rate has improved 10 percent in the last 10 years to 73 percent. Donation came from all 50 states. 51 percent of the donations were made possible by EKU alumni, 15 percent from students, 20 percent from faculty and staff, eight percent from friends and six percent from parents.

According to the EKU International Alumni Association, the most philanthropic college was the College of Letters, Arts, and Social Sciences. CLASS raised $4,877 from 50 donors. The most philanthropic affinity was the Student Alumni Ambassadors and the most philanthropic greek organization was Pi Lambda Chi Latina Sorority. The baseball team finished on the top of the athletic leaderboard with $1,910 from 17 donors.

For the full list of the Giving Day leaderboards and more information on the first ever Giving BigE Day go to https://www.alumni.eku.edu/s/1763/wide.aspx?sid=1763&gid=2&pgid=1568.

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