Faculty in residence program accepting applications

Eastern Kentucky University’s Faculty-in-Residence Program is currently accepting applications for the faculty-in-residence role. 

This role involves hosting three programs per semester as well as fireside chats at different points throughout the year. 

This position is all about reaching out to students and bridging the gap between student and professor. Faculty in this position are invested in student success and understand that having personal connections with students is the key to success. 

Another activity the current faculty-in-residence position holder, John Strada, created is a “weekly nonscientific poll” posted at the front desk. This poll is posted once a month with interactive questions such as ”What is the best place to get coffee in Richmond?” and “What is the best place to get tacos in Richmond?”  

“Someone who will be good in this position is someone who is willing to interact with the residents as well as staff someone who is able to find new ways to communicate with students during the pandemic,” said Mandie Appleman, Housing and Residence Life staff. 

Benefits that come along with this role include personal office space, free housing inside Martin Hall in an apartment built into the residence hall and a $500 meal plan. 

John Strada was the first to fill the role and has now come to the end of his three-year contract. 

“Folks who you see volunteering at student organizations, people who you see volunteering to do a lot of after-hour workshops and student development presentations, those folks have most likely fit best in this position,” Strada said. 

EKU staff is now accepting applications for this position on the website at www.housing.eku.edu.

For more information on this position, contact John Strada:

Email: John.strada@eku.edu

Phone: 859-622-6563

Office: Combs 301C

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