OrgSync, which has been the main platform to connect student run organizations to the student population since 2009, will be migrating to a new platform, called Engaged, which will be starting this semester. 

Engage is an online student organization management program that will be replacing OrgSync.

 “While the new site will look and function similarly to the old one, the update is designed to be more user friendly and accessible to mobile users,” says Loni Yost, director of student life and first-year experience.

The new platform will also have updated information on all registered student organizations, and be more accessible to new organizations.

“The biggest thing is that it will be more accessible to students, be more accessible overall,” says Dylan Bogard, coordinator of community service and Colonel’s Cupboard. 

Every student with an Eastern Kentucky University email address has an Engage account

and will be able to access the website.  

Along with updated information, the new platform will also allow students to view all upcoming events on-campus and details on the event. The new site will also allow students to search for and contact organizations more easily. 

More features that will be offered through the new platform include room reservations and calenders of student-run events.  

Information for existing registered student organizations will be covered during required RSO training. Training will include information on student conduct, marketing and branding and SGA funding. Each RSO is required to have at least three members complete the training.

RSO training will be held Sept. 16 through 20 at various times in the Wallace Building and Whitlock Auditorium.   

While the site will be live by the Sept. 16, the information and features will be updated as the migration continues. Some features will not immediately be available when the site goes live. 

“The biggest kinds of disruptions are organizations trying to make sure that they are in good standing with the university. They will have to wait until Engage is up and training is complete to be listed as active,” said Bogard.

From now until Sept. 16, room reservations must be done through a webform available on the student life website.  

Marketing for Engage to new students has been available through freshman orientation and Big E Welcome. 

Following the release of the new platform and RSO training, marketing and promotion will be pushed out to current students. 

More information on the platform change and any updates will be made available through the EKU Student Today email and student life social media pages.   

EKU is host to over 200 active student organizations that are registered to the Department of Student Life and First-Year Experience. The aim of Engage is to allow for more students to connect and get involved in on campus activities.  

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