November 5 is Election Day in Kentucky and citizens will have the opportunity to weigh in on who should become attorney general, secretary of state, state treasurer and governor.

The incumbent, Governor Matthew Bevin is up for reelection and is running with Dr. Ralph Alvarado to be his lieutenant governor. Alvarado serves in the Kentucky state Senate but is not the current lieutenant governor.

Governor Bevin is set to run against Democratic nominee and current attorney general Andy Beshear. Beshear’s running mate is a teacher and principal in Nelson County. 

The Candidates on the Issues:

Governor Matt Bevin

  • Education: Governor Bevin is running on a platform that supports school choice, which gives parents the option of selecting what school their child should attend, whether that is public, private, or homeschool.
  • Healthcare: Governor Bevin defended a Medicaid 1115 waiver that allowed the state of Kentucky to reject certain federal rules to create the Kentucky HEALTH program, which would have imposed work requirements on medicaid recipients and was later struck down the courts.
  • College: Governor Bevin wants to continue to ensure ALL lottery funds go to higher education.
  • Criminal justice: Governor Bevin supports job training for incarcerated individuals
  • Pension: Governor Bevin wants to ensure pensions are sustainable, his current plan is to create an installment plan. 
  • Jobs: Governor Bevin supports job creation as well as right to work laws.

Attorney General Andy Beshear

  • Education: Attorney General Beshear is running on a plan to strengthen public education. Beshear’s running mate is a teacher and principal in Nelson County. Beshear wants to increase funding to schools, reduce class sizes, hire more teachers, and improve infrastructure. 
  • Healthcare: Attorney General Beshear believes healthcare is a right for all Kentuckians. Beshear wants to preserve medicaid and medicare and guarantee coverage to those with preexisting conditions. 
  • College: Attorney General Beshear wants to provide debt relief for college students.
  • Criminal Justice: Attorney General Beshear says he will immediately sign an executive order providing the right to vote to former felons that have completed their sentences.
  • Pensions: Attorney General Beshear wants to ensure their protection .
  • Jobs: Attorney General Beshear wants to modernize the job market by putting emphasis on things like data analysis and healthcare. Opposes right to work laws that limit or prohibit unions. 

To learn more about where you can vote and view a sample ballot visit,

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