EKU Summer classes helping students complete their degree

Eastern Kentucky University’s summer program begins on May 17 and runs through Aug. 6. 

There are classes in almost every subject offered in the summer, so whatever class a student needs, they can most likely find it offered in the summer. 

Benefits of taking summer courses include being able to create a schedule that works around other obligations, catching up on credits or moving ahead on credits, being able to take the class wherever there is an internet connection, tackling a tough course with personalized help and being able to move closer to graduation.

“If you take a full-time load as a student every single semester for four years, you will not have enough credits to graduate. That's why it's ‘15 to finish.’ So, you're either going to have to overload during a normal semester, probably when you're stressed out with really hard classes as a senior or stay an extra semester. Or you can take classes in the summer or winter terms so that you are really doing it in a healthy way,” said Carolyn Grace, the graduate coordinator for summer. 

EKU Summer is offering courses in almost every subject, which provides students the opportunity to take the classes they have always wanted to take but never had the chance to. Summer classes are also a perfect opportunity to take a class you know you will need help in. Because summer courses are generally smaller, you are able to get personalized assistance. 

For undergraduate Kentucky resident students, summer tuition is $386 per credit hour. For undergraduate out-of-state students tuition is $429 per credit hour. International student summer tuition is $806 per credit hour. 

The difference between EKU’s summer program for 2021 and previous sessions is that most of the 2021 classes are offered completely online. 

“I am glad that the classes I am taking this semester are online because I am able to work at home and still take classes that contribute to my major,” said sophomore Ava Hampton. 

For students needing financial aid, EKU summer offers micro-scholarships to help students cut down on the cost of summer courses. The deadline for scholarships is April 15.

For more information on summer courses at EKU, visit www.summer.eku.edu and check out their blog.

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