Eastern Kentucky University students have been adhering to Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear’s healthy at home recommendations.

Kasie Wallace, 27, a junior nursing major from Breathitt County, has been quarantining since spring break.

“We began preparing shortly after Gov. Beshear declared a state of emergency and we started implementing quarantine measures during spring break,” said Wallace. 

Wallace said that she had been keeping track of COVID-19 since it was first reported in China.

“I had been following COVID-19 since the outbreak was reported in China. When the first case was announced in the U.S. in January, I had my guard up because I noticed the trend of how fast it was spreading. When Gov. Beshear had declared the state of emergency, I knew it was time for us to get serious about it and when EKU announced that they were going to extend spring break, I began following the quarantine measures very strictly,” said Wallace.

These measures are important to Wallace because her fiancé is considered a high-risk individual.

“My fiancé has severe Ulcerative Colitis, which requires him to take immune-suppressing medications to avoid hospitalization. I knew that he would be considered as high-risk before the official guidelines from the state was released,” said Wallace.

Victoria Leggett, 21, a senior English and history student from Lexington, also shared her perspective. 

“I can't see my mom and my siblings because I'm an essential worker and I don't want to risk getting any of them sick. I also can't see my fiance, because he had surgery less than a year ago. It's mostly been a really big stressor, because I can't see the people I normally do without putting them at risk,” said Leggett.

Despite the negative aspects of COVID-19 such as not being able to see friends or family, Leggett has found ways to stay positive. 

“I'm an essential worker and I can’t see some of my loved ones, but if I let myself I could really destroy my mental state. I chant "grateful" quite often, and I try to do a lot more stuff that makes me happy like give myself relaxation time so I won't lose myself in all this,” said Leggett. 


Interviews were conducted by Abigail Mulkey and Kaliyah Mayfield


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